Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beauty Buy: Guerlain Meteorites

If you could see me right now, you would laugh at a little happy dance I’m doing over here! Singing “Finally it has happened to me!” I bought the famous Meteorites powder by Guerlain. It took me such a long time to finally lay my hands on this precious powder. I wanted to get Meteorites a looong time ago. First I had other priorities and then I couldn’t decide on the right shade.

I started by trying all three shades available on various parts of my face at Guerlain counter. Beige Chic and Pink Fresh looked too shimmery to me. I didn’t notice much effect from the original Mythic shade. Puzzled I left the store empty handed. So I searched internet for reviews… and I twittered… and I asked around etc etc. I did notice many people were saying Meteorites Powder is not really shimmery and they are using it as an all over face powder. Which lead me to the thought: Maybe it was the wrong light when I tried it first... I decided to test it again. Also I've made up my mind almost 100% to go for the pink shade. From the reviews I read I got a feeling Beige Chic would be too dark for me and Mythic too translucent. In case Meteorites turned out to be too shimmery I could always use Pink Fresh just on the apples of my cheeks to bring some light and color to the skin.

I'll let you see inside this beautiful box in my upcoming review!

And so I did! I tested Meteorites again at Guerlain’s counter, this time only Pink Fresh, walked into a day light and my skin looked naturally glowing.... not too shimmery. Not to allow any doubts enter my mind I quickly paid and left :-)

My review is coming soon!

Look what I got to test as a thank-you-gift for my purchase! (I had to buy my favorite Happylogy eye cream though to get this. So I feel like I paid for it! ;-))

This little testing package for Success Future wrinkle minimizing, firming program includes:
Success Future Neck and Decolte Serum
Success Future Refining Toner
Success Future Serum (wrinkle minimizer, firming)
Success Future Day Care SPF 15

I have not yet decided if I should test it or give it to somebody who may better appreciate the wrinkle minimizing effects.

I also got quite a big sample of Orchidee Imperiale Complete Care Eye and Lip Cream. I think it will last me a couple weeks and I will be able to review it as well.

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Gaby said...

Aww that box is absolutely cute!

BeautyTalk said...

It is, isn't it! Looks like made from metal and glass... but in reality it's not...

Jessica Allison said...

can't wait to see the review- I've always thought of picking these up but could never seem to justify it! There are some less expensive alternatives out there (Body Shop, Boots No.7 and Physician's Formula all make various versions). I'd love to see a comparison of the original Guerlain -vs- the cheapies!

BeautyTalk said...

@ Jessica

Yes. I know there are much cheaper alternatives... I have never tried them though... Just went immediately for Guerlain. Meteorites looked too tempting to resist!

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