Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beauty Buy: Clinique Moisture Glove and Talika Eye Decompress Masks

Was shopping again and here is what I bought yesterday!

*Clinique Water Therapy Moisture Glove Hand Cream
I have to confess, I don't pay due attention to my hands. No matter how hard I try to develop a habit to apply hand cream at least 2 times a day I manage only once. I also can’t develop a habit of applying sunscreen on my hands before I go out (any suggestions?!). So it comes as no surprise that it took me a couple weeks to get around to buying a new hand cream after I ran out. As usual, I planned on one product and ended up buying another. Instead of Sally Hansen 18 Hour Protective Hand Crème at the last moment I got a hand cream by Clinique. I’ve heard good things about Water Therapy line from Clinique so I got Clinique Water Therapy Moisture Glove Hand Cream. I will be reviewing it in a couple of weeks.

*Talika Eye Decompress Masks
My next purchase was Talika Eye Decompress Masks. I have discovered this mask just about a month ago. It is excellent against eye puffiness! I have already posted on the ways to fight eye puffiness. The fight is never over and I'm looking for new effective products all the time. Seldom do I find something that works but (hurray!) Talika Eye Decompress Masks do! Stay tuned for my full review with details on ingredients and more photos.

I also got a sample of Talika Vital Oil that promises to calm and sooth sensitive skin. I’m always interested in trying out sensitive skin products even though my skin has been on really good behavior for quite some time now. What I can say now about Talika Vital Oil is that the smell is quite strng and a bit unusual… More details coming later!

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