Sunday, May 10, 2009

Makeup Tip: No More Cakey Powder!

Foundation and powder are meant to conspicuously hide imperfections and not bring them out. That’s why cakey uneven looking powder or foundation is such an annoyance!

If powder or liquid foundation looks cakey on your skin, it may not be just the fault of a product you are using. One of the most common reasons for cakey looking powder is dry skin. When skin is dry, dehydrated or you have not exfoliated recently and there is a layer of dead skin cells on top, skin has rough uneven surface. This causes foundation to catch on dry dead cells and look cakey. First of, exfoliate your skin and then apply a moisturizer selected according to your skin type. Let moisturizer absorb. Now try applying foundation or powder again! You may also want to set your powder with a spritz of water. It will look more natural.
Try it and you’ll see the difference!

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Organic Make Up said...

This is a really cool makeup tip which many women out there will agree. Indeed it completely ruins your makeup if the foundation looks cakey on your skin. :D

BeautyTalk said...

Thanks for the comment! I remember when I noticed that one and the same foundation looked one time cakey and one time fine and smooth on my skin. This was the time when I didn't really moisturize/exfoliate my skin so regular as now. Even now when I'm burried in work and I go without exfoliation for a couple weeks, foundation starts to look off... So I thought it will be useful to mention this tip... Exfoliation & moisturizing really make a difference.

Gaby said...

Hmm... L'Oreal Lash Architect? Never heard about it... I searched on the web for it, but it appears to be discontinued?

But that Lash Stiletto, I've been wanting it for a long time, but I was waiting for it to be on sale on something. I have to finish my other mascaras first, but it will be my next try =D

BeautyTalk said...

@Gaby It's discontinued? hmmm... I bought Lash Architect last year around october-december in the Netherlands I believe... also on sale. yeah.. Like sales as well :-) they are great for trying out new stuff!

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