Monday, November 29, 2010

Beauty Review: Nourishment by Beauty From Flowers

Recently I had a chance to try out an anti-aging moisturizer Nourishment by Beauty From Flowers. Here is my review.

...especially beneficial for sun damaged skin. Softens lines and slows aging

Product Profile in Short:
Penetrates deeply, repairs signs of aging, active ingredients prevent moisture loss, soy and papaya extracts provide deep nourishment and healing, concentrated - only a few drops needed

Close-up on Active Ingredients:
organic grapeseed oil, evening primrose oil, organic extracts of soy, and papaya, vitamins D and E, carrot seed essential oil

I like the choice of oils to combine in this product. Grapeseed oil is known as a mighty free radical scavenger! Evening primrose oil is very beneficial for the skin, it not only calms it and reduces inflammation, it’s also an anti-oxidant and fights premature aging. Extract of soy is super good for the skin: it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and some research showed that it can stimulate the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Papaya extract helps to exfoliate the skin and get rid of dead cells. This way it helps to speed up cells turnover, fight lines and improve skin elasticity. I love to make fresh papaya masks – your skin looks incredible after one of those!

I used to avoid essential oils on my skin. I have a mixed skin type and am always afraid of breakouts... but finally I realized that it really depends on the type of oil and the quality of the product if your skin breaks out from it or not. This product consists of several oils and is very concentrated but I had no problem using it on my mixed skin.
This face oil has a very light flowery fragrance. I applied 3 drops to my face but it didn’t feel like it was enough so next time I did 5 drops. The skin feels soft and moisturized and it does provide the moisture you need even at this stressful time of colds and dry air. I did notice that a line on the side of my mouth seem to become softer. However every time I would apply it my skin would become slightly itchy. I did not have redness or irritation it just felt “ticklish”. So I guess I am sensitive to one of the oils.

Price Tag:


Bottom Line:
Nourishment by Beauty From Flowers is a good product based on oils and suits even for those with mixed skin. However if you have a history of allergies or sensitivities, you may have a reaction like I did.

FTC Product Review Disclaimer: The author of this blog received a sample product for this review.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beauty Review: Nightshift by Harvey Prince

Close your eyes and imagine: the sun is down… it’s a warm summer night and you are in the garden with cicadas chirping, fool moon glistening high above, light warm breeze stroking your hair, dancing with leaves and flowers… the wind brings the seductive scent of Jasmine … and then you feel the sweet honey, almond and vanilla of the Night Phlox caressing your senses… intoxicated, you feel another scent, sweet and soft of the Evening Primrose… Nightshift is another amazing perfume by Harvey Prince! I could really appreciate it because I could associate with my personal experience. The fact is we have a summer house with a garden. We always have flowers in our garden that open up and blossom only in the evening or at night. It is as if our garden at night has a life of its own, the mysterious life full of intoxicating flower scents, quiet but at the same time rich and intense…. I thought it was a brilliant idea to make a perfume combining scents of night flowers. The scent is sweet, warm but at the same time very fresh and charged with energy and mystery. Perfect for a night out. Be it a candlelight dinner or a wild night out at a club

FTC Product Review Disclaimer: The author of this blog received a sample product for this review.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Beauty Find: Skin Care Line By Francesco Clark

I came across information about a new skin care line called Clark’s Botanicals in July’s issue of Harper’s Bazar. Clark’s Botanicals skin care line was created by a son and a father and was, in fact, born out of tragedy. Francesco Clark, a wheelchair user, was the inspirational force behind it, his father, a doctor trained in homeopathic therapy, did everything to help his son treat his own skin and bring an idea of a skin care line to life. It was amazing to read the success story of this family run business which started as an at-home created remedy for a son and ended up at Saks Fifth Avenue.

The line uses essential oils and extracts including Algae, Calendula, Lavender, Jasmine Absolute etc. It includes cleansers, moisturizers, lip tints and serums. There is one product I am particularly interested to try Clark's Botanicals Anti-Puff Eye Cream! Check it out here

Friday, November 12, 2010

TGIF: Relax, Take it Easy

I am listening to Mika a lot these days.. So, common let's relax and take it easy... Going to a hens party today! wow!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beauty Review: Submariner by Harvey Prince

Submariner is the first fragrance by Harvey Prince for men. Unlike his previous creations for women backed by clinical trials and developed not only to make a woman smell deliciously but also to attract the opposite sex, Submariner does not have the scientific side to it. But Submariner does promise to attract women with intoxicating, fresh and spicy aroma. Submariner combines “punchy” Caribbean island spices with a touch of soft vanilla and almonds and flavorful, mouth watering cinnamon.

I personally liked it as I find that often male fragrances are way tooooo heavy and earthy. This one has enough adrenaline and excitement to it with a touch of sweetness which brings a promise of a soft, sensual and deep side to him :-). What girl doesn’t like this?!

As for my husband, he is not the type to wear a perfume daily but for special occasions he does like his fragrance quite strong… or should I say intense… well, as he puts it “it has to hit me on the face”… even though in my view Submariner is not so intense, it did appeal to him… and, what’s even more important, I liked it! That’s the best combination :-)

FTC Product Review Disclaimer: The author of this blog received a sample product for this review.

Friday, November 5, 2010

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