Monday, November 24, 2008

Beauty Review: Guerlain Kiss Kiss Maxi Shine Lipstick

Guerlain’s packaging is always beautiful. And Kiss Kiss Maxi Shine lipstick is not an exception. It comes is a glamorous golden lipstick case which is simply a pleasure to hold in your hands.

I am using 2 shades:
Pastel Shine (#660)- baby pink with light blue shimmering particles
Chocolate Shine (#643)- plum brown with white shimmer

Kiss Kiss Pastel Shine

I am prone to dry chapped lips. That is why when I am looking for a perfect lipstick I don’t only look for the right color but also for the right texture. I want it not to dry my lips. And in my experience so many lipsticks do feel drying and make lips flake. I also like not to feel the lipstick on my lips at all. It shouldn’t be sticky or have a very intensive smell. In my opinion, moisturizing lipstick with SPF protection is perfect!
Kiss Kiss Maxi Shine lives up to all of my expectations and is perfect for me even though it doesn’t have that SPF protection. I have been using 2 colors for quite a while already and I will be buying Maxi Shine again.

Very light with violet accord.

Stay-on Power:
It does last long! But don’t expect it to be there after dinner.

Texture and finish:
Kiss Kisss Maxi Shine has light, smooth and creamy texture… I like the fact that with Maxi Shine I hardly feel I am wearing a lipstick. It just feels like balm on your lips… This lipstick doesn’t dry out my lips at all, on the contrary, they feel comfortable and moisturized. I looked briefly at the ingredients and among the first are two powerful emollients Lanolin Oil and Castor Seed oil. Both are used to treat and to soothe dry skin and chapped lips.

With one layer applied, the color looks quite sheer but the good news is - it is buildable. You can increase its intensity by applying several layers.

I chose Pastel Beige (see photo above) for its excellent ability to create an illusion of fuller lips. The effect is great! Of course your lips won’t look twice the size but they will definitely look bigger and more luscious. I love Pastel Beige for its tender pink color and the sparkle. Pastel Beige makes a perfect day time lipstick.

Kiss Kiss Chocolate Shine

More of an evening-out variant is Kiss Kiss Chocolate Shine. However, volumizing effect seems less prominent with this one. That’s due to a dark shade. Otherwise, the color looks rich, deep and beautiful!

Maxi Shine has beautiful shimmer but I know there are people who are not so fond of shimmer. (I, on the contrary, love it!) In my opinion, Maxi Shine is not too shimmery. The particles are really tiny and they don’t stand out. They just create this sparkling jewel effect. Love it!

Flash here makes the shimmer particles stand out. But in real life it doesn't look so shimmery

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DANA said...

I love Guerlain KissKiss MaxiShine too!! 643 is lovely! I have one in 550 Nude Beige and 620 Red Shine.. they are all so smooth and moisturising I agree! =)

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