Friday, May 15, 2009

Beauty Tip: Prevent Eye Wrinkles

* Skin around your eyes is very thin and fragile. Stretching, rubbing, tagging at eye skin can cause it to stretch and subsequently develop lines and crow's feet. It can also lead to breaking delicate blood vessels resulting in dark eye circles, dulling and thickening of the surrounding skin. Be especially careful not to tag or rub when applying makeup; removing makeup; after a long day staring at the computer screen (hands off your tired eyes!) and during allergy seasons (rubbing won't relieve itchiness).

Tip: Never go to bed wearing makeup. When removing eye makeup with cotton balls or pads, soak them well in a gentle eye makeup remover, press to your eye lid and let mascara and eyeshadow dissolve than gently swipe without tagging at the skin. Repeat and be patient!

* Remember to avoid squinting as well. Many people in spite of bad eye sight prefer not to wear contact lenses or glasses. They may not be aware of it but squinting becomes their daily habit. If your eyesight is good, you may want to wear glasses anyway. Sunglasses - that is! A day spent squinting at the sun can very easily result in a couple permanent lines.

Tip: Use sun glasses with UV filter and apply special UV protection lotion on the eye area. I love Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Eye Contour Care Ultra Protection SPF 30.

* Do not ignore morning eye puffiness. Skin around the eyes is very thin and vulnerable to stretching. Damage can happen quickly and be irreparable. If you don't take measures to relieve swollen eyes, be prepared to see lines and sagging in a blink of an eye.

Tip: Use moisturizer AM and PM religiously. For tips on how to depuff see this post.

Follow these tips and watch out for those bad habits mentioned above and your eyes will stay wrinkle free longer!

PS: Check out my favorite eye cream Happylogy Eye by Guerlain

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