Monday, May 4, 2009

Beauty Review: Shiseido Perfect Rouge

Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to enjoy Shiseido Perfect Rouge sleek modern case - I’ve been trying out Shiseido Perfect Rouge samples that I got when I bought Shiseido Hydro-Powder. You can see it on the photo above. If you look from the top, you will recognize the shape of Shiseido logo.

RD514 – Dragon – dramatic blood red
BE208 – Baby – warm beige
PK417 – Bubblegum – Bright warm pink
PK307 – Tourmaline – Clear, soft grey pink
It’s very nicely pigmented!

No scent

Stay-on Power:
It’s not super lasting but it stays on for several hours. After having a drink it’s gone or almost gone and you obviously need to reapply it. But the red shade is especially durable, it was there even after I had a desert.

Texture and finish:
Has nice light and creamy texture. Shiseido Perfect Rouge contains some moisturizing ingredients like Macadamia Seed oil, so it feels comfortable and not at all drying on the lips.
Gives satiny finish with no sparkle or shimmer just a touch of gloss.

Let me go shade by shade

PK307: Out of the 4 shades I tried I liked Tourmaline the most. Funny, but if I saw PK307 at Shiseido counter, it would not be my first choice to even swatch. It doesn’t look anything special, just subtle soft pink. But thanks to the sample I had a chance to try and appreciate this shade. PK307 without being too bright, makes lips stand out on your face. It’s such a complementing shade, my skin seems to get some kind of glow when I’m wearing it. It makes lips look plumper and more luscious. Perfect!!

PK417: I did not like this pink shade of Bubblegum PK417. It looked too bright neon pink on me.

BE208: When I posted about Shiseido Makeup Collection Spring 2009 , I thought this will be my color of choice if I buy Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick. But susprise surprise! This slightly pink beige nude doesn’t look good. The color is just dull and it looks strange on the lips.
RD415: When I put Perfect Rouge in Dragon on, my husband said I looked as if I have just eaten a piece of raw meat… and that he actually liked how this lipstick looks on me. Men know how to make compliments, don’t they!?
The color of RD415 is truly dramatic blood red. It will draw everybody's attention to your lips. You cannot do much with the eyes if you are wearing RD415, just wear a mascara. I gravitate toward more subtle colors but do sometimes enjoy a different look. This lipstick would be perfect for a sophisticated sexy red lip look. But maybe it is too bright for me? What do you think?

It looks darker on this photo becuase I'm not in the light. But you can really see how intense it is.

Bottom Line:
What I liked most about Shiseido Perfect Rouge is the texture and finish. I liked very much Tourmaline PK 307 but am not sure I'm ready to buy another pink lipstick :-) Am still thinking about it! I'm very attracted to Dragon RD415 so I am considering buying it for my blood red lipstick look.

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Alex said...

I agree with your husband, RD415 looks phenomenally good on you.

Kate said...

I'm cheating because I'm actually a Shiseido BC.. but Dragon really is one of the most amazing reds I've ever seen and worn. I heard that it was made to suit every skin tone, etc, and true enough, I made everyone woman at work wear it - I think we had at least about 6 different ethnicities between us, and everyone was able to pull it off, even those that always thought red was a tacky, cheap looking color. You look great with it, too, I love the richness of it on you :)

BeautyTalk said...

@Kate Dragon is a bold red shade! That is interesting that it was developed to suit every skin tone! Shiseido should have marketed this feature better! I wish I could see some photos of ladies with various skin tones wearing Dragon. Wonder how it looks on darker skin.

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