Monday, May 18, 2009

Beauty Review: Caress Evenly Gorgeous

One of my favorite parts of the day is a long hot morning shower. I know showers should be cool and short but this habit of mine is unbeatable. I get so much pleasure from those 20 minutes under the warm relaxing streams of water running down my skin… What can be better? I guess only a shower with a nice smelling bubbly body wash… There is a big choice of washes and shower gels out there and we all have our own favorites but recently I’ve been using someting new - Caress Evenly Gorgeous. It is not just your usual body wash, it is an exfoliating body wash! And we all know how important exfoliation is for smooooth even toned skin to show off on the beach or in a sexy summer dress! Regular but gentle exfoliation will give your skin healthy glow. Don’t forget that exfoliating your body skin is also great to prepare it for application of an anti-cellulite or moisturizing/anti-aging treatment as it facilitates penetration and effectiveness of these products. What I also like is that Evenly Gorgeous doesn’t leave any oily residue on your skin. So it’s perfect to prepare your skin for tanning lotion application. You’ll get good even-toned streak-free effect.

Evenly Gorgeous contains burnt brown sugar and karitte butter, looks just like caramel and smells deliciously sweet. It exfoliates dead cells very nicely leaving skin soft with a light veil of sweet scent over it. Very caressable! :-) The wash also contains exfoliating seeds which look natural but appear to be artificial. As you can see in the photo, concentration of these particles is not very high but you do feel them when you massage the wash on the skin.

Try using Evenly Gorgeous on a puff. This way you will get lots of soft and fluffy suds.

Kim Kardashian and Carson Kressley promote the new Caress collection!

While getting this post ready I was looking at and among other fun content I found this cute widget With a couple clicks you can create and dress a virtual (downloadable) you. Check me out below!

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Gaby said...

Thanks for your comment! So I'm not the only one to love little tips eheh!

Caress doesn't seem available in Canada... well, I never heard of this before, maybe because it's new... hmm... but I had fun doing the avatar ^^ Thanks for the link!

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