Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beauty Shopping: YSL Powder, Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Sunscreen, Jeanne Piaubert Ultra-Slimming Gel, Bed Head Conditioner, Shiseido Tanning Lotion

In my first post I’d like to make a quick overview of most interesting products I purchased after my last post. It is sort of hard to remember already.

My Estee Lauder Double Wear Powder that I absolutely love fell down and went into pieces. I tried to use it for a while anyway but would always end up messy :-D So I needed a new powder. At first I wanted to go for my usual choice but the sails girl attracted my attention to YSL Matt and Radience Enhancing Pressed Powder. I liked the idea of being matt and at the same time radiant!!! So I got it! Will write a review on this one..

For my trip to Greece I bought Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Sunscreen SPF 30 hoping that it will be better than the last year’s Clinique’s sunscreen of the same power. Unfortunately I was very disappointed - it was as oily and sticky as the Clinique's one.

I am always in search of a good restoring product for my damaged blonde hair. This time I tried Bed Head Conditioner with some color lock-in technology. I will review it later...

I was not happy with the way skin looked on my tummy and thighs so I decided to try out a new firming, anti-cellulite product... I was recommened to try Jeanne Piaubert's Supermince Slimming Gel. To tell you the truth, I so seldome see any result from such products... but I still buy stuff like this at least once a year!

And I again bought Shiseido tanning lotion. It gives the best natural looking glow to the skin without any lines.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I am back!

Hi Everyone! Thanks for still following my blog even though I have disappered for such a long time! I owe an explanation as to why I was absent for such a long time. I was busy with many projects, mostly volunteer work, family and business issues.

The main thing that kept me busy was a local breast cancer fundraising project which literally took over my life. In the end it was very successful and worth the terrible stress and all the work. I also got involved into other charity projects.

At the fundraising event. I am on the right.
Check out my hair :-) This is a new look for me.
I pulled it all up into a tight classical knot
Sorry, this is the best pic I have.

In addition, I was working intensely on setting up and editing local women’s association’s website, blog and other internet accounts. It is an amazing feeling to do volunteer work - I feel it is fulfilling and very rewarding even though no money is involved. It's been a very busy, often hectic time... I discovered how hard it is to balance motherhood with social life, business and volunteer work. I have to say I did not find a way to juggle all of these responsibilities and commitments without a huge toll on my health. This is another reason I was absent for such along time.

I am still involved into volunteer work but I am ready to return to blogging. However from now on you may notice that the style of my blogposts will change and I will expand the “repertoire”. I will still post about beauty, skin care and I will review products but maybe not in such scrupulous detail as before. I would also like to talk about beauty from another point of view – I have been thinking a lot lately about beauty as a concept in the society, all the various contradictions and issues associated with it.
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