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Beauty Talk: Summer Skin Care Tips for Skin of Color

In the past I was asked several times for recommendations on skin care and makeup for brown skin. Unfortunately I don't have the knowledge needed to advise on this particular issue. But experts at Rx For Brown Skin , a brand of skin care specially developed for darker skins, do and they kindly agreed to make a guest post to share their knowledge with readers of Skin Care and Beauty Blog. If you have particular skin concerns you are welcome to ask questions in the comments to this post or send them to my email (beautyhealthinfo at and I will forward them for you. And now enjoy these useful tips from Anne Thomas, CMO, Rx For Brown Skin.

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Skin of color is quite different from white skin in many respects. The most notable differences include more melanin, or brown skin pigment, resulting in a warmer skin shade. Brown Skin women also tend to have fewer visible signs of aging, such as deep wrinkles, fine lines and sun-spots. However, a disadvantage to having more melanin is that it makes brown skin more “reactive.” That means almost any stimulus – a rash, a scratch, pimple, or inflammation – may trigger the production of excess melanin, resulting in hyper-pigmentation, dark marks or patches on the skin. That’s why handling brown skin gently, wearing sunscreen and preventing pigmentation problems are keys to brown skin care.
Listed below are a handful of skin-care tips to keep your brown skin healthy and beautiful this summer:

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Treat- Acne often flares when the seasons changes. It is important to realize that acne is not caused by dirt or dirty skin but rather bacteria, oil, plugged pores and elevated hormone levels each contributes to acne. Rubbing and scrubbing your skin will actually worsen your acne. Instead, simply washing acne prone skin very gently twice a day will improve the acne by 20 to 30 percent. For an example of a gentle cleanser, take a look at Rx For Brown Skin Bright and Healthy Ultra-Gentle Cleanser . This product was specially developed to mildly cleanse, hydrate and protect brown skin.

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Prevent- With the active lives women lead we should all be taking a supplement however, woman of color needs to pay particular attention to certain deficiencies. A, B, C or D. Which vitamins are many women of color deficient in? Scientific studies have demonstrated that many African American, Latina and some Asian women are deficient in Vitamin D. This vitamin is produced by your skin in conjunction with sunlight but the increased melanin pigment in skin of color hampers its production. A vitamin supplement with calcium and vitamin D will ensure bone health and boost your immune system.

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Protect- Sunscreen is a summer time must have for brown skin. You may not have realized it but skin of color often sunburns, it can develop deadly skin cancer and dark marks and discolorations will worsen all because of exposure to the sun’s rays. An ounce of prevention (using sunscreen daily) is worth a pound of cure. Choose wide spectrum sunscreen, that will protect you from both ultraviolet UVA and UVB rays, like Protect and Defend Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 15
Ask us any question you have related to brown skin-care and we will answer them in our next Guest post on the blog :-)

- Anne Thomas, CMO, Rx For Brown Skin


Diana said...

This is a good point about Vit.D... I was wondering what you think about topical Vit.D. There are several products now on the market that contain Vit D for you to apply directly on your skin. Like for example Isomers, Sunshine Serum. Do you think topical Vit D can be effective?

Pinky said...

Thank you for that wonderful post.For my skin,the sun causes most damage.I was told by a dermatologist to live in a cold country if I want to avoid acne.Too much sun really causes massive breakouts in me.Getting a sunscreen is the best investment any acne sufferer can make.

Martha said...

It is very important that people have an idea as to what products would be most beneficial for a lot of consumers. Product reviews would be the best way to have an idea.

Lily said...

Hi! Thanks for this post! I have medium brown skin and I have a sun spot on my cheeck bone. I was wondering if I should use a whitening product that is applied all over the face or just locally? Also what ingredients or product could you recommend?

BeautyTalk said...

@Diane, Pinky, Martha, Lily
Thanks, ladies, for your comments and questions. I will forward them on and hope to provide answers in another post or in the comments to this one. Stay tuned!

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