Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beauty Review: Guerlain's Exotic Paradise Palette

Last week I bought Guerlain’s Exotic Paradise eye shadow palette from spring 2009 collection. I have been trying it out this week and I am so happy to say I like it!

I bought this palette for the unusual selection of colors. I got so tired of browns or grays or pinks and wanted something different! The colors are great, they look good on my skin and go well with my green eye color. When I swatched these shadows at the counter I was worried that it's impossible to build up their intensity. But now I’m actually glad they are not very buildable. The intensity is just right and I feel that otherwise colors could look over the top and even vulgar. However I still would like it to have a bit more pigment!

Stay-on Power:
Maybe I haven't tested the stay-on power to the full yet. I wore these eye shadows only twice when I went out and when I come home I most often immediately take off my makeup. But I can say that colors stay nice and fresh for at least 3-4 hours!

It's silky and has some shimmer but not too much. It applies smoothly and blends into skin very nicely.

This palette comes with a little booklet that provides recommendations and tips on how to achieve three looks. Oliver Echaudemaison recommends to choose 2 complimentary colors for a subtle look: Highlighter + Velvet or Deign + Contour. To achieve a bolder look, choose the 2 contrasting tones arranged vertically: Highlighter + Design, Velvet + Contour. And for a sophisticated look Oliver Echaudemaison recommends to use all 4 colors.

Following some diagrams from this booklet I have done two simple looks based on these recommendations but with some slight adjustments.
Look 1: Highlighter + Velvet
In addition i applied just a touch of Contour along the upper outer corner of the eye and traced Highlighter along the lower lashline.

taken with a flash

Look 2: Highlighter + Design
I adjusted this look by tracing Contour along the lower lash ine.

Bottom Line:
Overall, I like this palette but I would still want to have more control over pigment intensity of the shadow so am not sure my next eye shadow will be from Guerlain.

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