Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beauty Review: Youth Infusion Serum Vaxin by Givenchy

I like serums! I just like how light, concentrated and quick to deliver the effect they are… I use a serum every 3 months... Vaxin serum caught my eye just as it was released. Probably it was the name :-) Vaxin – is like an injection against aging. Quite a strong message for a consumer, don’t you think?

So here is my review of Givenchy’s Vaxin

Product Tag Line:

Vaxin for youth

Product Profile in short and the Promise:

  • Helps skin reinforce its defense and repair mechanisms
  • Skin stays visibly smooth
  • Complexion is even and luminous

    What’s Inside:

    “a unique complex”

    Close-up on Active Ingredients:

    Top 10 ingredients
    Pentylene Glycol
    Cetearyl Isonanoate
    phenyl trimethicone
    Jojoba Esters
    Methyl trimethicone
    Ethylene/acrylic acid copolymer
    Butylene Glycol

    Somewhat lower on the list I see oat kernel extract, panax notoginseng root extract, cotton extract, soy flour, yeast extract, evening primrose root extract… some interesting extract I must say! Technology Apparently Givenchy is using a special technology Hormesis - defined as "favorable biological responses to low exposures to toxins and other stressors". Certain ingredients of Vax'in are used to produce a hormetic effect on the cells and to stimulate skin cells from inside to behave as young cells.
    Watch this short interview with Biogeronologist, Prof. Suresh Rattan


    Texture: white, creamy, light
    Smell: strong perfume smell

    The first thing that gets my attention is the beautiful silky texture. The serum immediately gets absorbed into the skin and leaves the feeling of softness and comfort. In fact immediately the skin gets kind of a glow as if you just had a facial. My skin reacted very positively and in a week of daily use for the night, it looked healthier, smoother and suppler. You do have to apply a moisturizing cream after the Vaxim Serum.

    I was using this product in June and found it was a good kick for the skin at the change of seasons.

    Price Tag: 90 USD

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