Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beauty Review: Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow

Recently I’ve been drawn like a magnet to eye shadows! Hardly a week passed after buying Guerlain’s spring palette, I found myself at Shiseido’s counter checking out their Hydro-Powder Eye-Shadow. As I’ve mentioned, I had a bad (sticky and creasy) experience with a creamy eyeshadow previously so I was a bit worried about giving a cream shadow another chance … Here is my review…

Spring Plum

It’s warm light plum with tiniest green shimmery particles

Stay-on Power:
Amazingly long! And it’s crease-resistant - only after 8-9 hours I started seeing some creasing but the color still remained fresh.

Thick mousse

I love love love Hydro-Powder eye shadow! You can apply it with your finger but a brush will give you much more control and allow perfect accuracy. I’m using my Sigma concealer brush. Hydro-Powder slides on soooo smoothly, blends very easily and looks one with the skin. I was amazed how easily you can “move around” this shadow on the eyelid, add more color where you need it and blend out any harsh edges. I would never expect this from a cream shadow!
You can control the intensity of color and load on more of Hydro-Powder for a luminous more dramatic look. When you turn your head and the light hits the eye shadow, you get this beautiful sheen of light green. Oh, and you can also wear hydro-powder as an eyeliner!

Green-eyed gals, take a note of Spring Plum shade! It will bring out the beautiful green in your eyes.

Bottom Line:
I am looking forward to buying more colors of Shiseido’s Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow!

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potionprincess said...

fab review the colour really works on you,you should also try urban decay cream eyeshadows they are really long lasting,also wondering what lipstick shade are you wearing in the photo as its a colour i would wear and would like to buy.

Organic Make Up said...

The Hydro-Powder Eye-Shadow collection from Shiseido is appearing truly awesome. The color is too good and sexy. Who would not like to have such a wonderful eye-shadow in her kitty? :-)

BeautyTalk said...

Hi potionprincess! Thanks! I loooove the color. Also I'm getting compliments when am wearing it :-) I'll give a try to urban decay... As for the lipstick, it's Shiseido's Perfect Rouge lipstick in Tourmaline PK 307. But the photo doesn't do justice to the shade. I'm planning to post more pics of several shades from Perfect Rouge collection, hopefully they will better reflect the beauty of the color.

BeautyTalk said...

@Organic Makeup
Hi! Thanks for your comment. I looked at your website. You have some wonderful makeup products!

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