Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beauty Find: Enhance your Body With Makeup

Not so happy with your body? Maybe want fuller breasts or a six-pack for the abs? It appears, you can achieve it all using some smart makeup!
Just recently I stumbled upon It Cosmetics
line that offers special makeup kits that help to sex you up in a matter of minutes. With the vacation season approaching, looking good in that bikini becomes one of the burning issues. So what if you could get a smoking hot body in minutes instead of spending sweaty hours training and exercising. Folks at It Cosmetics promise that you can!

Start by sculpting, shaping and highlighting your legs with Contour and Highlighting Palette to get those “Smokin’ Hot Legs”. No time for sit-ups, your tight six-pack abs come in a box!

Use Abs in a Box Contour and Highlighting Palette to draw abs of your dreams. Enhance your cleavage and give your bust a lift with My Beautiful Breasts Contour and Highlighting Palette. Vuala! You are ready!
Each kit costs $39.00 and has a manual with diagrams to ensure a successful makeover!

PS: Sounds great! But don’t forget it’s just makeup and even though It Cosmetics promises it’s water and sweat proof, nothing ensures you look great in a bikini like a healthy diet and exercise!


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The World's Dresser said...

Great post! I'm loving the look of their products

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