Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beauty News: New Ingestible Ingredient Brings Relief to Sensitive Skin

With the launch of a new ingestible ingredient developed by P.L.Thomas, people suffering from skin irritation, itchy, flaky skin may expect release of a new supplement to resolve these skin problems from within.

The ingredient is a protein filtrate from sweet whey and will be available in an oral form to relieve mild-to-moderate skin irritations. This ingredient was tested in clinical trials on psoriasis patients and showed certain improvement in 31 to 38 percent of patients (which doesn’t strike me as a significant improvement rate).

P.L.Thomas’ head of cosmeceuticals Alda Brandao is sure demand for edible beauty is set to grow and her own motto is “cosmetics so natural you can eat them”.

In my opinion there is a definite need for a supplement that would relieve problems associated with sensitive skin. So I welcome this new development and hope for improvements in its effectiveness rate!


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