Monday, March 16, 2009

Beauty Find: At Home Laser Hair Removal Systems

The closer the summer, the more concerned we become with the smoothness of our skin. Shaving, using depilatory creams, and electric epilators can help you get rid of unwanted hair but the results won’t last long. Long term results can be obtained from laser or electrolysis. But those involve huge money investment and frequent repeated sessions till you see any results. However it appears you can perform laser depilation in the privacy of your own home! About a year ago two laser hair removal systems have been approved for the use at home: Silk'n and Tria Laser Hair Removal Systems.


How do the at home laser hair removal systems work? Both systems are portable hand held devices. They are based on the same idea as a professional laser treatment. Laser device releases quick burst of light energy which gets absorbed by the targeted hair and damages its follicle to prevent regrowth. The hair falls out in a week or two but not necessarily forever. It still can eventually grow back but will be much thinner and lighter.

Auch, does it hurt? According to the reviews I read and watched on youtube both devices are not pain-free and will sting.

But how effective are these at home devices as compared to professional treatments? The answer is they may be less effective but are much cheaper. Clinical trials showed that after 3 months Silk'n reduced body hair on average 55-65%. Silk’n hair removal system costs between 650$ and 800$.

Remember, Silk’n and Tria Hair Removal Systems are not for everyone. You have to be light skinned and have dark hair to be able to benefit from these at-home laser devices.
Get more information on these 2 devices and read how Silk’n compares to Tria.

Watch this report and review on Silk’n and Tria by Becky Worley from "Good Morning America".

Feel like shopping?
You can buy Silk'n and Tria Hair Removal Systems online.

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