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Beauty Review: Verite Soothing Spray Toner by Estee Lauder

Product Tag Line:
Refreshes and calms stressed skin

Product Profile in short:
(as described on Estee Lauder web-site)
• instant comfort AM, PM and throughout the day.
• mist soothes and refreshes and rebalances skin.
• reduces redness common to sensitive skin

Promises to refresh and sooth sensitive skin

What’s Inside:
Soothing botanical extracts and trace minerals

Close-up on Active Ingredients:
Hexylene Glycol- fragrance ingredient; solvent; viscosity decreasing agent, emulsifier, skin conditioning agent, surfactant.
Butylene Glycol – humectant
Pentylene Glycol solvent; skin conditioning agent
Glycerin - humectant
Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract – cucumber extract, soothing and softening for irritated skin
Caffeine – anti-inflammatory, relieves skin redness
Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract –. green tea extract, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic
Chamomila Recutita - matricaria chamomilla, type of chamomile, has anti-inflamatory, antseptic properties, also used for skin-conditioning and toning
Citric Acid – preservative, helps to adjust Ph of products, soft exfoliator, anti-oxidant, chelating
Sodium Citrate – pH Adjuster; buffering, chelating

On the whole the ingredients list looks great. I like that there are various soothing and redness fighting extracts like Cucumber, Chamomile, Green tea and Caffeine. These are very good and effective for sensitive skin.
However, I found some questionable data on Hexylene Glycol and its possible irritation potential at Skin Deep cosmetic database, and at inchem.org. But at the same time, another ingredients database Cosing doesn’t say anything about irritation risks of this ingredients.
One more ingredient that I wonder about is Citric Acid. It could also be potentially irritating according to some sources.

Texture: transparent liquid
Smell: no smell
Method of Use: You can mist it either directly on the face or apply it with a cotton ball.

I bought Verite Soothing Spray Toner because the idea of soothing skin as the need arises and the ingredient list impressed me. And I really do like Verite line but my skin seems to be in disagreement with this product. Verite Toner doesn’t soothe my skin, on the contrary, redness becomes more obvious. I don’t get itchiness or burning sensation though… But I have noticed that if I persist with using it, I get these red blotchy spots which just signal that my skin is not at all happy.

Despite all this, I wouldn’t discourage anybody from trying out Verite Soothing Spray Toner. My reaction could be just very individual. Here is a discussion about this toner at MakeupAlley

One more thing to mention, this product was discontinued in some countries. As I see it is not available in the US anymore, but still available in some European countries, for example, UK.

Price Tag:
20-25 $ (15 – 20 EURO)

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