Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Beauty Buzz: Skin Care Line for Tattoos?

Since I do not have a tattoo, I didn’t have any idea that there is a need for special tattoo care. It appears, however, tattoos do need some maintenance. They tend to fade or blur with years and need to be refreshed. What contributes to this fading a lot is the sun and free radicals that damage skin cells caring ink pigment. So this week a special skin care line for tattoos was launched in New York called Inkguard.

But is it special? According to the manufacturer, Tattoo defender has UV screen of SPF 30+ and Tattoo Enhancer contains “most potent” anti-oxidants. The “most-potent” anti-oxidants are green-tea, pomegranate, cocoa, carrot, coffee, Vitamin E, D, A.

Well… to me, it looks like another anti-oxidant moisturizer and another sun screen.

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