Friday, January 16, 2009

Celebrity Beauty: Golden Globes - Looks I liked and The Ones I didn't

After browsing some sites and beauty blogs posting about best looks at Golden Globes, I decided to write about my favorite ones.

I am usually amused by the lists of best dressed/looks and worst dressed/looks put together by, gor example Yahoo and E! etc. Many times I really can’t understand, why on earth this dress is on the best list and that one is on the worst.

For example, I don’t understand why Angelina Jolie in her silver and very neutral Versace ended up in the best list, while Salma Hayek, in my opinion looking glamorous, classical and sexy, got on the worst list and her Dior dress was said to be “snooze-worthy” (yahoo). I personally, want to snooze looking at Angelina’s outfit…

Anyway, here are the looks I liked

1. Jennifer Lopez

I love JLo’s style and this time she was as glamorous, beautiful and hot in her gold Marchesa gown as always.

2. Eva Longoria

I think Eva looked perfect, gorgeous and simply amazing in her red Reem Acra dress.

3. Melissa George

I thought her dress stood out and found her look classical but at the same time captivating and original.

4. Kate Beckinsale

Loved this white dress. It is classical, fits Kate so perfectly and she looks to me like a tender white lily.

The looks I didn’t like:
1.Drew Barrymore

Too much fluffy stuff going on about her look… Hair, dress… everything’s a mess (sorry, Drew)

2.Demi Moore

Wrong color dress for the tanned color of her skin. She just doesn’t look good. Don’t like the abundance of diamonds on the hands. The whole look is just not right.

3. Angelina Jolie

First impression: Zzzzzzz……..
Second impression: sigh… such bony hands… I wish she started eating a bit more…

Photos: Yahoo Best Dressed and Yahoo Worst Dressed

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