Sunday, January 11, 2009

Beauty Fact: Lipo Fat Can be Turned into Lipo-Diesel

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Did you know that fat from your thighs and love handles can be used to fuel a car?

Fat contains triglycerides and can actually be turned into diesel. That’s exactly what Beverly Hills doctor Craig Alan Bittner did with the fat he removed from his patients. With the amount of fat he had, he managed to fuel his and his girlfriend's cars.

“Going green” didn’t work out so well for Dr.Bittner. Several of his patients sued him for allowing his unlicensed girlfriend to perform an operation on them and apparently removing too much fat and disfiguring them. Dr.Bittner is now under investigation by California’s public health department.

Amazing, kind of weird... but a fact. I learnt this from The Dermblog. You can find a couple more details there and at Forbes,

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