Thursday, January 1, 2009

Beauty Review: Shiseido The Makeup Corrector Pencil

We all get red eyes from time to time from computer, from allergy, from lack of sleep or stress… Whatever the reason, red eyes make you look tired and add a couple years as well. So, how to get rid of red eyed look? In case your eyes are really red and inflamed, including the whites of you eyes, you need to consult your doctor. I am talking about slight redness, not really serious cases. Well, there are some drops against irritated red eyes. But in case redness that is bothering you is mostly on the eyelid rim, I can recommend a great concealer.

Product Name:
Shiseido The Makeup Corrector Pencil

Shade: #1 Light Clair

Purpose: It’s actually supposed to be used to cover up spots.

Effect: No idea how well it works on the spots but it is excellent in covering up redness and making your eye look bigger and brighter!

Texture and Application: It is easy to apply, doesn’t create crumbs, is very soft and smooth.

Experience: Before I got this correcting pencil by Shiseido, I tried to follow numerous recommendations out there to apply white pencil on your inner eye rim. Estee Lauder, for example, has a white pencil exactly for this purpose. When you apply it to your eye rim, you look like you are a creature from another planet where they have bright white eye rims… it looks completely unnatural. Does it really work for anyone? I kept looking for a better solution. It was not my genius idea to try Shiseido Corrector Pencil for correcting eye redness. I read some makeup artist’s recommendations to use this product and to choose exactly shade #1. Took me several months to finally get Shiseido Corrector Pencil #1; as whenever I would have a chance to shop for makeup, they would always have shade #2 but not the lighter #1. When I was buying it, the salesgirl was trying her best to talk me out of it because she thought it will dry out my eyes. It did not and it feels very comfortable, no irritations or anything of that sort! It is an excellent products! It looks so natural. Easy to apply and build up the lightness of the shade. I actually use it not only when I have tired red eyes. I now use this correcting pencil when I want to make my eyes look bigger, want to add brightness to them (in the photo below the pnecil is applied on the lower lid of the left eye).

Shiseido The Makeup Corrector Pencil is one of my best buys!

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Face Skin Care said...

Excellent Blog on beauty and skin care.I must say that you tried your level best in this blog

BeautyTalk said...

Thanks for a nice comment!

steph said...

Hello, can you please list the ingrdients for the shiseido corrector pencil???? thanks!!

BeautyTalk said...

hi steph!
I'll try to find the box... might have thrown it away though...

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