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Beauty Review: Verite Light Lotion Cleanser by Estee Lauder

Product Tag Line:

This deliciously light, milky formula comfortably and thoroughly cleans skin.

Product Profile in short:
(as described on Estee Lauder web-site)
  • Actively maintains skin's perfect moisture balance.
  • Won't strip away vital lipids, dry skin, or cause irritation.


    Estee Lauder promises that Verite Light Lotion Cleanser gently cleans without stripping, drying or irritation.

    What’s Inside:
    I know what is not contained in Verite cleanser. There should be no emulsifiers, alcohol, colorants or fragrance. Let’s see the details.

    Close-up on Active Ingredients:

    Caprylic/Capric Trigkyceride- emollient from the mixed triester of glycerol, caprylic and capric acid, used for its excellent skin conditioning abilities; also used as a dispersing agent and solvent for actives
    Glycerin - humectant
    Butylene Glycol – humectant
    Olea Europaea Fruti Oil – Olive oil, emollient, highly compatible with human skin, has healing and soothing properties.
    Pentylene Glycol – Solvent; SKIN CONDITIONING
    Phenyl Thrimethicone – Silicone, Emollient, adds shine
    Sucrose Stearate – exceptionally mild emulsifier derived from sugar and coconut or palm oil, emulsifier can also act as a surfactant(cleansing agent)
    Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract – Green tea extract, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory
    Chamomila Recutita - Matricaria chamomilla,type of chamomile; has anti-inflamatory, antseptic properties; also used for skin-conditioning and toning
    Ceramide 3- ceramides are naturally occurring skin lipids that are major components of the skin’s outer structure. Ceramides are necessary for well functioning skin’s protective barrier, skin’s water-retention capacity as well as for cell regulation.
    Anthemis Nobilis – Chamomile, anti-inflammatory, improves tissue regeneration
    Tromethamine- Fragrance Ingredient; pH Adjuster
    PPG-20 Methyl Glucose Ether - Skin-conditioning agent
    Isostearic Acid – A naturally occurring fatty acid. Binding agent, Emulsifier, Surfactant
    Carbomer - An emulsion stabilizer or thickening agent
    Sodium Stearate - Surfactant (cleansing agent), emulsifying agent

    So as we can see, the are not many ingredients. This is good because the more ingredients, the higher chance of developing reaction to one of them. Very important for sensitive skin is that Verite Light Lotion Cleanser contains some valuable soothing agents like chamomile, green tea extract and olive oil. As for the latter, some people apparently love using pure olive oil to cleanse their skin.

    I did find one emulsifier though. According to online sources, it is “exceptionally mild” however.


    Texture: very light milky lotion, feels very pleasant on the skin, it does seem to be melting even though it is anyway already extremely light
    Smell: no smell
    Method of Use: Massage on, then rinse away or tissue off

    I have already purchased this product three times. I love it. So here are the things I like about Verite Cleanser!
    I like the texture. It’s light but milky enough to massage my skin before washing it off. Experts do recommend to give your skin a good massage while using cleansing milk or lotion. This helps to stimulate the skin and, of course, to clean it better!
    Verite Lotion Cleanser doesn’t break me out which means two things. First, it is not too light and doesn’t leave skin dirty to cause pimples. Second, it is not too strong and doesn’t strip skin’s lipids to leave it vulnerable for irritants.
    I have a mixed skin type (normal/medium-oily). So I often wash my face twice to make sure it is clean. Washing you face several times with a soft cleanser instead once with an aggressive product is another great recommendation from dermatologists.

    There is one drawback I guess. I think it would take too many washing sessions to wash off a face full of makeup. Meaning foundation, powder, blush, concealer etc. So when I do such heavy makeup, I use a different cleanser. Otherwise, if I am wearing just powder or light foundation, Verite Lotion Cleanser works just fine.

    Price Tag:
    About 20-25$ (15-20 EURO)

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