Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Beauty Buzz: Precious Kisses – Guerlain Launches Kiss Kiss Lipstick for 62’000$

Cosmeticsdesign reports that Guerlain, a world-known French cosmetics house, has ecently released a luxury lipstick for the impressing price of 62’000$. It is now available is selected stores in the US.

Why such high price? While the ingredients of the lipstick do not seem to be particularly unusual: light reflectors, softening complex of vitamin A, alpha bisabol and waxes. It is the "wrapping" that sets the price so high. Guerlain lipstick comes in a casing "made from 110g of 18 carat yellow gold, with 119 diamonds decorating its surface."

According to New York Post if you decide to invest into your lipstick you'll receive a consultation with Guerlain's artistic director Olivier Echaudemaison and a lipstick shade will be custom-created specially for you. In addition you will receive its very own lip brush and “protective black suede pouch - in a black lacquered case.”
NY Post compares the price of the luxury lipstick and reports that it is equal to “the price of 310,000 Wendy's chicken nuggets, a 2007 Cadillac Escalade and all 86rooms of the Hotel Victor in South Beach”

According to the designer Herve Van Der Straeten quoted by Cosmeticsdesign: "Lipstick is simple, yet mysterious…. This element of surprise creates curiosity and longing…” His fellow designer Echaudemaison, describes the lipstick as created for those who 'indulge in lavishness and appreciate exquisite design'.

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