Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Beauty News: Kanye West’s Mother Dies After a Cosmetic Surgery procedure

Is this the price for beauty?

According to Yahoo news “West's mother died as a result of complications after surgery at a Los Angeles hospital on Saturday (November 10).”

The surgery on Donda West was performed by DR. JAN ADAMS, a well known plastic surgeon in LA California. Dr. Adams was featured on Oprah, Entertainment Tonight, was a host of Discovery Health Channel’s popular show, “Plastic Surgery: Before and After.” and has his own beauty line “Color Skin Care ”.

It appears that Dr.Jan Adams had a history of malpractice complaints. And despite the media reports of just two malpractice cases, according to the Medical Board of California documents there are actually three malpractice complaints against Dr. Adams, one of which is pending. In September 2001 a complaint of malpractice was filed and later settled for a fine of $217,337. Just a few months later another complaint was filed dated AUGUST, 2001 and later settled for $250,000. One complaint still pending is dated APRIL 10, 2007.

It also appears that despite his fame as a plastic surgeon Dr. Jan Adams is not Board Certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery according to TMZ.

This is very sad news and perhaps a wake up call for those who see plastic surgery as a routine and safe procedure.

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