Friday, November 23, 2007

Beauty Shopping: Happy Hour, Eleven O’clock-Champagne and Bath with Snowman

The closer to Christmas - the more intensive competition for customers among retailers. They come up with more creative ideas to lure you to their store for shopping. Swiss beauty boutique Marrionnaud is not an exclusion. It announced a happy (morning) hour this week of November when you can get 10% discount before 11a.m. Included into the Happy Hour is an Apero - a glass of champagne to sparkle up your day! The type of Swiss kind of luxury!

Naturally, I could not resist and I had a walk to Marionnaud at Bahnhofstrasse (Zurich) to benefit from the offer. I was surprised to find a very lively crowd at quite an early hour, as it seemed to me, for shopping. Swiss women of all ages were busily shopping for beauty products. Extra staff was doing their best to attend to everyone. Champagne was also in favor at an early morning hour. I could not but wonder how many of the shoppers will actually go to work after that or if all of them are as lucky as me to have flexible working hours.

A couple inquiries and a glass of Champagne later, I was at a cashier desk ready to pay. The sales girl who helped me with my beauty choices looked at her watch “It is still before 11” – she said “So you will get a 10% discount”. (Hmmm, I guess it does not count when you get to the store but it counts when you actually pay!) As I was leaving I heard a clock bell ring eleven – that was close…

Here I was again walking along Zurich Bahnhofstrasse into the November fresh morning.

I thought it was such a nice shopping morning… The day started with a glass of Champaign and it should end with something sweet and bubbly as well… So I dropped by a nearby Lush store that offers fresh handmade cosmetics for bath and body. It smells absolutely yummy in there and the choice of bath products is amazing: bath bombs, bubble bars, shower jellies... I wanted something pampering, moisturizing and fizzzzzy. The ingredients of Butterball bath bomb looked tempting: Cocoa Butter, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla – “for buttery soft skin”. Just what you need to pamper your skin and emotions on a cold November evening. Besides Lush came up with a Christmas version of the Butterball – a Butter-Snowman! A bath with a Snowman – that’s exactly what I need to make this day perfect! ;-))

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