Saturday, November 3, 2007

Beauty Shopping: Shopping for Beauty Products in Zurich

It is often referred to as Zurich’s “Rodeo Drive” or I would call it Zurich’s “5th Avenue”. It stretches from the Railway itself almost till the beautiful Zurich Lake and offers shopping possibilities for everyone from designer fans to beauty addicts to budget shoppers.
The major shopping street in Zurich, well known around the world, is the Bahnhofstrasse (sounds a bit less romantic when translated into English as Train Station Street).

Have you noticed how more attractive and almost hypnotic become shopping windows when they are decorated for Christmas… and it is late evening with the street lights on… you just cannot resist and walk by…. I know it is a mistake to shop in Bahnhofstrasse on Friday evening or on Saturday due to the crowds of shoppers but these are usually the times when I get around to doing it (and obviously everyone else). So doing some shopping yesterday evening I though I should make a couple posts about shopping for beauty products in Zurich.

Boutique Parfumerie: a small to mid-size beauty boutique that offers a selection of brands as well as service with a nice personal touch. You can subscribe to their periodical magazines, become a member of their discount system and benefit from their special offers.

Import Parfumerie: resembles the boutique parfumerie described above. However instead of the additional services offered by the latter, Import Parfumerie offers good prices and claims some of them to be 35% less than everywhere!

Jelmoli and Globus: Are the “Neiman Markuses” of Switzerland. They offer brands and designer clothes as well as a whole floor (and sometimes more than one) dedicated to beauty products: skin care, make up, perfumes etc. Mostly you will find well-known brands and designer beauty products there. The prices can be a bit higher but not significantly.

Manor: Is a step down from the previously mentioned stores but is very similar to them.
Coop and Migros: These two stores are the supermarket type. Here you would mostly shop for your basic beauty products like a shaving gel and locally manufactured products. Though at the central stores you do find a selection of brands like L’Oreal, Elizabeth Arden or Clarins

Reformhaus: That’s where you go to do your organic shopping. Here organic and natural beauty products are offered alongside a selection of organic foods. That’s where you will find Dr.Hauschka line.

Apotheke:(engl. = Drugstore) Mostly offers a selection of cosmeceuticals such as alongside some brands like L’Oreal and Clarins.

Drogerie: Is the store dedicated to herbs and herbal remedies. What only you won’t find here: basic skin care and hair products, natural cosmetics, brands… they are anot very selective :-)

I hope I didn’t leave anything out and mentioned all the major beauty shopping
destinations in Zurich

I will continue my posts on Beauty shopping in Zurich and will give more details in my future posts.

Bahnhofstrasse even has its own site in English.

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Janet said...

Sales do offer you opportunities to try differant products, but sometimes items of the same standard or better turn up on your own doorstep.

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