Thursday, November 8, 2007

Beauty Talk: Golden Rules for Beautiful and Healthy Looking Skin.

Good skin care habits form (or should form) no later than in our late teens or early 20s. That’s when we should learn the importance of taking care of our skin and of protecting it (and not limit our skin care routine to just fighting the break outs). It really helps to have a role-model or somebody who could explain about the importance of skin care and help to make the right choices.
My Mother did not start using a moisturizer till her early thirties and my Granny I think has never ever used it. My Mum has never realized the necessity of using a moisturizer because her mother never used it. Currently she takes inspiration from me but still cannot get used to having a regular skin care routine.

I was lucky enough to start on a routine early in my life. I had no guidance so my first moisturizer unfortunately was selected wrong for my skin type and for my age. Slowly I made my way through skin care information to understanding the importance of skin type, right moisturizer, proper UV and free radical protection etc.

Now I have 7 golden rules that I follow for beautiful healthy looking skin:

1. Follow a regular (2 times a day) skin care ritual: cleanse, moisturize, protect, restore/treat

2. Choose the right skin care products for your skin type, skin condition and age

3. Prevention is better than cure: prevent wrinkles, sun spots, acne etc. for example, if you notice lines appearing change skin care product or include more intensive treatment

4. Follow diet useful for your skin

5. Avoid skin damaging factors such as smoking or habitual repeated mimics that can be avoided (like constantly wrinkling your forehead or frowning)

6. Use additional targeted at-home treatment 2-3 times a week

7. Pay attention to your skin when it sends you signals like redness, flaking, sudden break outs, look for reasons for such misbehavior and react to your skin’s needs

So this is my magic number 7 for beautiful skin and delaying the signs of aging. But I am always looking for things to improve.

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