Saturday, November 10, 2007

Beauty Shopping: Parfumeries in Switzerland and Temptation from Estee Lauder

Swiss Parfumeries are like beauty boutiques and beauty clubs in one. These stores offer an excellent selection of cosmetics, perfume and makeup. You get very nice service with a personal touch. And you can "join" a parfumerie chain to get a bit of a special treatment. You get a customer card which you use to accumulate points for your purchases.When you have a certain amount of those you receive discounts. This
card-points-discount trick sort of seals your relationship and you get figuratively and literally “attached” to a certain parfumerie chain.
Why shop anywhere else if you can add a couple more points to your account and get that discount soon!

Your parfumerie chain will also keep tempting you very regularly by sending you magazines that they usually issue quarterly, invitations to benefit from special
offers, updates on new beauty products etc. If you are a beauty addict, you just cannot resist and the next moment you know it you are there shopping again!

The two main parfumerie chains in Switzerland are Marionnaud and Douglas. I joined one of them and Osswald Parfumerie in Bahnhofstrasse that seems to be the rare no-chain type but the-one-of-its-kind type. Parfumeries also offer their own cosmetic lines with exclusive products. And to be able to compete they do their best to differentiate themselves by offering certain brands exclusively.

Some of these Parfumerie beauty stores are quite international. For example Marionnaud is represented in 9 European countries and Douglas that boasts to be “Europe’s largest and most prestigious cosmetics and fragrance retailer” can be found in the USA as well.

The current temptation I am sure I won’t be able to resist is a makeup set from Estee Lauder. I love the products, the colors and I do have XX Swiss Franks discount waiting to be used! (their trick obviously works on me)

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