Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beauty News: Injectable Peptide Stimulates Growth of Fat Under Skin

Fat is not always our enemy. We are better off without it on our hips but when it starts to disappear from our faces it causes additional age-related sagging and loss of fullness. In this situation, injectable fillers come to our rescue and help to fix those nasolabial folds and deep lines. However fillers have some downsides: they don’t last long and results can look very unnatural. Recent developments in peptides research give us hope for a better solution for age-related fat loss.

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According to researchers from the Lawrence Berkely National Labaratory, an injectable peptide has been discovered that can help stimulate the growth of fat under the skin and plump it up.

Here comes a bit of science – brace yourself! The peptide under discussion modulates behavior of the RHAMM protein (Receptor for Hyaluronan Madiated Motility). RHAMM in its turn can influence creation of lipocytes (fat cells) and this way may help replace those cells lost due to aging.(we are done now!)

Currently scientists are in the process of testing this peptide and are trying to find a way to fully control its effects. At the same they are exploring alternative ways to deliver peptides into the skin, except from injections. It may also be available as a topical cream! But don’t expect these product to be on the market for at least 3-6 years from now.

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SkinCareLib said...

yeah, kinda agree with you.
but, this injections also really cost high right?

BeautyTalk said...

Not sure yet about the cost. My source didn't mention it... But usually a new product like this starts on the market at a very high price... But i think if they do a good development job, this could be a very exciting anti-aging product...

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