Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Top 5 Beauty Habits vs Top 5 Worst Habits for Your Beauty

Top 5 Beauty Habits

1. Wearing SPF every day all year round.
Sun is the main cause of premature aging. Get more out of this great habit by applying SPF not only to your face but décolleté and hands as well!
2. Drinking lots of water daily.
Liquid keeps your whole body and skin well hydrated and balanced!
3. Sleeping no less than 8 hours per day.
Good night sleep gives your skin a chance to regenerate. Maximize the benefits by training yourself to sleep on your back and on a low pillow. This will not only keep your neck and décolleté area looking smooth for longer but will also delay development of a deep nasolabial fold on the side of your face you like to sleep on ;-)
4. Preferring red wine to white wine and green tea to coffee.
Both red wine and green tea are packed with precious anti-oxidants. Red wine, in particular, contains polyphenols and resveratrol, which is known to have anti-cancer, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.
5. Eating lots of vegetables and fruits.
These will provide anti-oxidants and vitamins necessary to protect and preserve your beauty!

Top 5 Worst Habits for your Beauty

1. Smoking and secondhand smoking.
Smoking not only dehydrates your skin, it also constricts capillaries, and limits oxygen and nutrients flow to the skin.
2. Chewing a gum and making faces :-)
Gone are the days when everybody was doing facial exercises to prevent signs of aging. Repetitive facial movements proved to bring lines sooner!
3. Picking pimples and exfoliating your skin too often.
Hands off your skin! Picking pimples can result in scarring and spreading of bacteria. Too much exfoliation lowers skin protective barrier and leaves it more vulnerable to oxidative damage and dehydration.
4. Sunbathing.
Experts say, UVA and UVB rays are the main cause of aging!
5. Indulging into chocolate and all things sweet.
Sugar triggers a process in our bodies known as glycation which results in damaged collagen and elastin fibers.

What other habits would you add to these 2 lists?

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    Blissful Bitch! said...

    I have a couple of extra beauty secrets...but shhh...if we tell to many ladies, then nobody will coment on

    1. Olive Oil - a tablespoon a day will keep the anti-aging cream a day. In Italy and Lebanon, where my family comes from, women make sure to ingest at least a tablespoon of EVOO a day to keep wrinkles where they belong, on puppies!

    2. Baby Oil - The perfect treatment for your hair to give extra shine after a blowout.

    And...that's it for now! It seems I have a thing for oils. :)

    BeautyTalk said...

    Thanks for sharing your mediterranean beauty secrets with us!!! :-)

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