Sunday, January 27, 2008

Beauty Buzz: New Anti-Aging Products from Estee Lauder and Lancome

There have been quite a number of interesting products coming out this winter. Several of them deserve mentioning: Revelation Moisturizer from Estee Lauder and Primordiale Cell Defense Serum and Skin Recharge Moisturizer with SPF 15 from Lancome.
I’ll look at Revelation and Cell Defense Serum in more detail.
What both products have in common is that they are developed for the first signs of aging that start to appear at 30 and after. Revelation is more of a treatment product: it improves the texture, brightens and evens out tone of the skin with the help of enzymes and Vitamin C complex. Primordiale Cell Defense Serum combines prevention with treatment: it promises to provide protection against 99% of free-radicals and improve cell renewal for a brighter, smoother complexion.

Revelation Age-Resisting Brightening Crème is described as a lightweight but effective daily moisturizer. And was developed to address the first signs of ageing: uneven skin tone, dullness and fine dry lines.
Due to “Skin Clarifying Enzyme Technology” it promises to give you a smoother look and a more even tone. I suppose the enzyme technology gently exfoliates and helps skin to get rid of those dulling dead skin cells.
In addition, the crème is formulated with “highly-stabilized Tri-Vitamin C complex”. As well known, Vitamin C, accept from anti-oxidative properties, has exfoliating and lightening characteristics. quotes Lise Jorgensen, Estée Lauder Vice President, explaining: “Revelation goes beyond hydration and protection, filling an important gap in our skincare portfolio. This product is for a woman who’s beginning to detect a change in her skin – a dullness, freckling, the onset of fine lines – and who is looking for a bit more muscle from her daily moisturiser to keep her looking fresh and radiant while protecting her from everyday environmental stressors that can contribute to visibly uneven skin tone and accelerate the appearance of skin ageing.”

Dermatologist and ophthalmologist-tested and non-comedogenic, Revelation is available for Dry Skin Type and Normal Combination Skin Type.

Primordiale Cell Defense Serum relies on Cell Defense Complex complex consisting of Vitamins and Extracts to provide protection against free radicals and to improve microcirculation.
The “Cell Defense Complex” includes
- Vitamin E
- Vitamin C
- Wheat extract
- White grape-seed extract
Combined Vitamin E and C enhance each other’s potency which increases antioxidant prpoerties of the product.
Cell turnover is improved with the help of Pro-Cysteine. Finally, copper and zinc improve skin’s barrier to keep in moisture.

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