Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Celebrity Beauty: Is Something Wrong with JLo’s Makeup?

Or is it just me who doesn’t think silver lips look nice on Jen?

In her recent music video “Hold It Don’t Drop It”. Jennifer appears wearing 3 different styles of make-up.

In the opening scene, on the stage with dancers in the background, she has these intense extravagant overdone eyes with enormous eyelashes.

In another scene, when she is sitting on a disco ball, J.Lo is wearing silver lipstick which was applied far beyond her real lip line... pretty much everything she is wearing in that scene is silver as well. These two makeup styles combined evoke several associations in me – circus… acrobats... and harlequins… (Hey, perhaps she did mean the latter one?!)

And, finally, the 3rd and my only favourite makeup in the video (which, unfortunately, we see very little of) is the one with sparkling crystals on her cheek bone and temple.

Well, anyway… I love Jennifer Lopez. I think this is the first time I did not like her look.

I still like the song though!!! Just sometimes want to sing back: "I don't know what you're doing!" just kidding...
Here's the video

*Photos in this post are screen prints from YouTube video of "Hold it Don't Drop it", Sony BMG Music Entertainment.

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