Monday, January 21, 2008

Beauty Buzz: Are you looking for a Solution?

You may need to look no more if you need a solution for sensitive, irritated skin prone to redness. Clinique has launched a new line – Redness Solution, specially developed for sensitive, reactive skin. Well, the name speaks for itself.

Let’s look closer at what products Redness Solution includes.

1. Redness Solution Soothing Cleanser sounds great as it promises to “melt away grime and makeup without irritating skin or disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance”.** In addition it is described as having some exfoliating properties: “Smoothes with mild exfoliation”.*
2. Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base is described as a “skin protector and skin primer in one” Contains chemical free sunscreen SPF 15 and antioxidants. Sheer grin tint will help to correct skin’s redness.
3. Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream is developed for persistent redness. “calms skins with Rosacea. Relieves visible redness, blotchiness” * Contains a “subtle green tint to disguise the appearance of redness”**
4. Redness Solutions Urgent Relief Cream developed for those who have occasional reactive redness trigged by cosmetics, food weather etc. “Visibly calms skin instantly” ** Suitable for highly reactive skin.*

I do need a solution, that is why am looking forward to trying out this line. What I like about Clinique's Redness Solutions is that it includes a sun screen product developed for sensitive skin. Sun protection is very important for sensitive skin but most manufacturers do not include in their sensitive skin lines products with SPF protection. I also like that there is a product for just occasional use and a product for treatment of a persistent condition.
I was glad to learn that Redness Solution Soothing Cleanser combines both actions: cleansing and lightly exfoliating. It is VERY hard to choose the right strength cleanser for a sensitive skin. And finding an exfoliating product that would not irritate sensitive skin is even a bigger challenge.
The only solution that seems to be missing from the line is the one for sensitive skin in the eye area. Or to be more precise two solutions: to remove make-up and to moisturize.

* Clinique
** Eve UK February 2008: Eve Promotion

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    Thin said...

    I am staying clear of Clinique whatever it envents...
    Clinique 3 step skincare broke me out badly and I thought it was just me. But then, I came accross this article:
    beauty and makeup blog. Clinique Skin Disaster

    BeautyTalk said...

    Thanks for the comment. I am right now trying out some Redness Solution products: a couple samples and I bought full size Redness Solution Soothing Cleanser. For now, I do like the cleasner. Because it is the only product i found, up till now, that cleanses and exfolites SENSITIVE skin. However, I did have some break outs related to Clinique... (not as dramatic but quite visible!) I did once try out their 3 step lin, and I thought the cleanser and tonic were too harsh... I would break out after 3 day use... I gave it a couple tries just to make sure... And I think, it WAS Clinique's products because as soon as I would discontinue, in a couple days, my skin would come back to normal... hmmmmm

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