Saturday, January 19, 2008

Beauty Shopping: Concealer Hunt

I have been trying to find a quality concealer for quite some time. My goal is to conceal the under-eye shadows. Up till now mission looks impossible!

I am not expecting too much from a concealer: I just want it to conceal - NOT reveal. I don’t want it to accentuate lines under my eyes and form creases after I smile or laugh a couple time… I don’t want it to look like it is REALLY there…. Like you could really tell I have something to conceal… So I have been trying out some products for several weeks now and then… I have to admit, I can be very picky…

First, I tried out the famous and renowned concealer star by YSL. I was not happy with the way it looked like I did paint over my eye circles. Perhaps it was the wrong shade. I might give it another try since it seems to be so popular.

Next I moved to Bobby Brown. The sales girl offered me to test the product, sat me down and started applying a concealer with a special concealer brush. “Have to buy that one in addition.” - I thought to myself and inquired about the price of a brush. The concealing procedure was finished up with a touch of special powder that comes together with the concealing cream. I found it looked quite natural but I was hoping for a stronger concealing effect. I know… I know – I am a very hard to satisfy customer…

Next destination - L’Oreal counter. I love and trust the quality of L’Oreal’s products. However when I applied an under-eye concealer, I looked like I was quite desperate to conceal.

A couple more mid- and budget concealers later I arrived to a M.A.C counter in Jelmoli. Sales girl suggested a moisturizing concealer (Select Moisturecover), as she thought my skin around the eyes looked a bit dry. Tested and loved the results! No creases, looks natural, does conceal. Mission accomplished, I happily proceeded to pay. A had a bit of a teary feeling in the eyes. So at the cash register I decided to confirm that it was ophthalmologically tested and there was not risk of an allergy… was relieved to hear a positive answer. Off I went with my precious purchase looking forward to the future without under-eye circles. But my happiness did not last long. The teary feeling in the eyes became more and more uncomfortable, soon eyes felt quite irritated… I knew I had to take my treasure back – I was definitely sensitive to the product… sigh… and I came soooo close!

The lesson: It is the third time that I have problems with products that are applied around or right on the eye area. Need to try it first! Give it some time - then buy….

Next stop - Laura Mercier… Nars…

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