Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Beauty Preview: Harvey Prince – Beauty Products With a Concept

I love beauty products with a concept. I do appreciate a product with a cool idea behind it! I also love multi-tasking products. Won’t you agree with me - multi-tasking is the style of life nowadays. Today living at the speed of light, we need products that help us to achieve several goals at a time! And Harvey Prince is the company that offers both: a cool concept and multi-tasking products. Harvey Prince develops perfumes and perfume based beauty products that not only make you smell nice but help you to appear younger and sexier. Their concept is to combine beauty with science and psychology. Isn't that amazing!? They definitely take beauty products to another level! That is why I was so excited to try out new products recently released by Harvey Prince and to share my impressions with you. So reviews on the following products are coming up very soon:

Flirty Dermastase Soap
Soap perfumed with the Flirty scent or as described at harveyprince.com a "moisturizing body bar"
Ageless Ultimate Anti Aging Bar Soap
"anti-aging body bar"

Eau Fling Perfume
Promises to help you to “evoke a sexual response in males”
Submariner Perfume
Perfume for men that expresses not only masculinity but also promises to help attract the opposite sex
Nightshift Perfume
Is composed of night flowers scents and promises to keep you sexy and energized through out a wild night out.

Eau Flirt Body Wash Liquid Loofah
Not only hydrates and washes but stimulates the senses with “intoxicating” and “love-evoking” scent


Skinny Walk said...

Flirty Dermastase Soap sounds really interesting.. hehe.

Stephanie said...

such a great concept! The most enticing scent for men is actually grapefruit! This sounds so silly but my Skineez Skincarewear shapewear is infused with anti-cellulite and moisturizing vitamins but the scent of the spray is grapefruit and my hubby always comments about how great smell and even how sexy I look when I'm wearing my thigh slimmer!! hehe All women should give Skineez a try ;)

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