Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beauty Find: Annmarie Organic Skin Care

Recently I had a chance to learn and even test a new completely organic and 100% chemical-free skin care line from the sunny California. This line has been just recently launched in the US and is not yet available in Europe. It is named after its creator Annmarie. The idea behind Annmarie Skin Care is to offer completely natural skin care products that do not have synthetic preservatives or any other synthetic ingredients. Annmarie’s goal is also to offer effective products that do show results. Her motto is: Organic. Natural. Wild-Crafted!

I had a chance to try out some products from the line:

I liked Aloe herb cleanser which provided a nice cleanse without any feeling of tightness. I was very impressed with Annmarie’s ayurvedic facial scrub. First of all, I have never tried anything like this. It comes in form of a “herbal powder”. You add some cleanser to it and rub it on your face. After I washed the green mass off, my skin felt sooo soft and smooth and sort of lighter! My pores looked smaller! Very impressing! Another product I tested was a coconut honey mask. It smelled delicious and according to Annmarie it is so natural you could eat it. However, I am not sure it’s suitable for my slightly oily skin. It felt very rich and left oily residue on the skin. I liked the Neroli toning mist which feels very refreshing and moisturizing, it smells divine and calms not only skin but soothes senses as well.

I personally am not an expert on 100% natural products but out of what I've tried before this line definately stands out as a quality one. So check it out!

FTC Product Review Disclaimer: The author of this blog received a sample product for this review.

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