Sunday, October 17, 2010

Beauty Review: Eau Fling Perfume by Harvey Prince

I had a wonderful opportunity to test one more genius creation by Harvey Prince- Eau Fling. Backed by science, this fragrance makes you irresistible, fills him with passion and makes him crazy about you :-)

So what is in this magic potion? In fact Eau Fling is a sweeter and lighter version of Harvey Prince’s previous creation Eau Flirt. The same notes of pumpkin pie and lavender used in Eau Flirt are featured in Eau Fling as well. If you are wondering, why , on earth, pumpkin pie?!!! The answer lies in science! Surprisingly Clinical studies conducted by Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation have proven that pumpkin pie and lavender evoke sexual response in men. Well, maybe it’s not such a big surprise after all… :-D Those seductive notes of nutmeg and cinnamon (classic aromas of pumpkin pie) lie at the heart of the new fragrance. Other middle notes include flowery fragrances of jasmine and ylang. Top notes are berries and fruits: black currant, plum, raspberry, apple, and black licorice. And at the bottom Eau Fling has musk and rare precious woods.

Here are my impressions about Eau Fling. It’s sweet and flowery but not overwhelming headachy type of sweet. The sweetness is warm and soft but then there is a little fresh “kick”. The sweet notes are balanced out by the fresh notes of orange and Pink Grapefruit. The fragrance feels fresh and exciting. It seems to me more versatile than Eau Flirt because you can wear it easily as a day perfume and at night. I really like it!!

FTC Product Review Disclaimer: The author of this blog received a sample product for this review.

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