Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beauty Shopping: Mani-Pedi Essentials

I usually go for a mani-pedi to a local beauty salon. However recently I have been wondering how much I would be able to save if I started doing at-home mani-pedi from time to time... So I decided I needed to get some essentials. I am not completely mani-pedi oblivious, of course. I do take care of my feet and hands and I do have certain tools like nail files, scissors, cuticle softener and callus remover file/razor, creams… even a foot mask and soak! But of course this is not enough. I need some more tools and products. So here is what I got:

* Cuticle and Nail Plier (manufactured in Germany, Dont know why but in this part of the world they think German mani-pedi tools are the best!)

* Cuticle Scissors by Solingen, Germany (I have a couple of those but very old and not so good)

* Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment by OPI (why did I buy it! I still have some cuticle cream by Mavala left
* Nail Polish Corrector

* China Glaze (Octa Gone Wild) Nail Polish (I got obsessed with purple this summer and am still attracted to the lavender-purple shade!)

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