Sunday, April 25, 2010

Off (Beauty) Topic: Footed PJs For Adults

I decided it could be refreshing and fun to post from time to time on topics not directly related to beauty. You may not be a beauty in these, but you might be a cutie

Today I decided to touch upon a controversial subject of onesies for adults! How do you like this? I know, I know, some of you will roll up their eyes and go: Oh My God! No! While others would think this is kind of cute and wouldn’t mind wearing footed PJs themselves. Well I belong to the kind-of-cute camp. Footed PJs is not anymore a kids only kinda thing. It actually seems quite a trend now among adults. Footed PJs is not about a fashion statement or glamour…They are cozy, warm and comfy. Not only do they keep you warm at night but are also cute and fun. There are many companies out there that offer quality adults’ onesies. For example, Jumpen Jammerz, Big Feet, Footzies, Hello Kitty etc. It could be hard to choose as PJs come with various options and models. They come with drop seats or no drop sits, buttons or zips, hoods and no slip feet, fleece, cotton etc… wow! What not! I got lost trying to choose one for me! But here is a fun guide to choosing footed pajamas for adults. Take a look at the list of celebs wearing footed PJs towards the middle of the page. And check this out. There are PJs for dogs too! Maybe one can get a matching set? Lol! I actually bought my onesies through this site all about adult footed pajamas
If you buy online, be careful about the sizes. My choice size S was too big for me. In fact, my husband could fit into them. My friend concluded it’s size S for giants. But I had no problem as they offered to change it.


Ines said...

This is both cute and funny. :) I'm not sure I would wear them even though I sometime have to wear socks during the winter in order to keep my feet warm enough.

Galina said...

Hi Ines! They are definately not for everybody and lots of people thin they are silly.. lol! But they are warm and cozy and if/when you try them on you may change your mind about them!

Sam said...

Footed PJs are not as unrelated to skincare and beauty as you might think. It is a well known fact that people who suffer from cold feet lose a lot of body heat from those extremities.

This affects the temperature of the rest of the body. As blood supply is withdrawn to the core tissues of the body and away from the skin, the quality - look and feel - and hence the health of the skin is ultimately compromised.

Therefore footed PJs are actually to be "recommended" especially if they can secure the integrity and health of you skin. I will advice all to investigate the possibility of finding a cute one, or 2 for yourself and your partner too.

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