Friday, April 30, 2010

Beauty Review: Guerlain Success Eye Tech

The eye area loses its heaviness, eyelids seem recontoured, wrinkles and f ine lines appear smoothed, dark circles and puffiness are reduced.

Product Profile in Short:
this eye cream has been specifically designed to help tone up the skin-support network and fight sagging.

Eye Cellular Amber

Close-up on Active Ingredients:
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
Butylene Glycol
Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate/Dicaprate
Cetearyl Isononanoate
Aluminum starch octenylsuccinate
Pentylene Glycol
Glyceryl Hydroxystearate
Cetyl Alcohol
Stearyl Alcohol
Amber Powder
Stearalkonium hectorite
Palmitic Acid
Stearic Acid
Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract
Propylene Carbonate
Tetrasodium EDTA
Tocopheryl Acetate
Xanthan Gum

Texture: thick, not oily
Fragrance: no fragrance

I just love Guerlain’s Happylogy eye cream but recently I’ve been noticing that maybe it is becoming too light for me so, hoping to find another favorite, I decided to try other eye products by Guerlain.

I have mixed feelings about Success Eye Tech. On the positive side, it seems to work. It does temporarily reduce puffiness and provides lifting effect. You actually almost feel your skin getting tighter. Do not expect the puffiness to be completely gone. But your eyes will look more awake and fresh. It also seems to be nicely moisturizing as it nicely smoothes out lines around the eyes. Another plus for me was that I was not allergic to this cream. Sensitivity is often a problem with eye products. I also liked the texture because it did not feel oily or heavy on the skin. There was only one negative point. Though it is a single flaw, it’s quite important. Success Eye Tech has some occlusives that just “sit” on top of your skin. So it is not a very good base for makeup. When I apply concealer over it, I end up with a crumbly mess. However I noticed that if I apply very little of the Success Eye Tech cream it solves the problem. But then the question is weather such a small quantity provides the needed moisture and what about the puffiness…

Price Tag:

Bottom Line:
It’s a shame that such an expensive product “crumbs” on the skin. However, since eye puffiness is a problem for me I would consider investing into Success Eye Tech. Maybe I would have some light cream to go under makeup and Success Eye Tech to treat puffiness.

Here is more information on Guerlain skin care products .


Kruts said...

Try lancome's genefique. you wont be disappointed :)

Galina said...

hey, thanks! have heard but have not tried it yet... i'll try to get a sample first

Leon said...

I’ll try the eyecream. Hope it will give me a good result.

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