Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beauty Tip: Sleep On Your Back

Like to sleep on your side? May not be so good for your skin. Sleeping on the side can lead to creases forming on the cleavage from physical force of skin on skin. That’s why it’s better to sleep on your back. Sleeping on your back will not only give you a crease free cleavage but also will help to avoid some facial wrinkles. For instance, did you know that nosolabial folds form deeper on the favorite sleeping side? In fact sleeping on your side can eventually interfere with the whole symmetry of your facial features.


dianabol said...

I should better not read this one! I always sleep on side!

J-sun said...

I wonder if one cheek would become saggier or more wrinkled than the other after years of sleeping on one side.

beauty said...

I do not know that sleeping on the side can leave bad affects on our skin and can increase the growth of wrinkles on face. Thanks for the post as with this information I can protect my skin for further damage.

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