Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beauty Talk: Cellulite - Identifying the Enemy!

The first days of spring are here and though it’s still quite long before we bare it all on the beach, it is time to take action to make sure that what we bare is smooth and toned. So I thought it would be good to take a closer look at the cellulite issue. Are you familiar with the orange peel syndrome or as it’s also called cottage cheese skin? For several years I thought I had cellulite but I was one of the many women who see problem where there is none. But this year I do have a slight problem! After giving birth my body changed and now I can definitely see some dimples on my thighs. Time to take measures.

Identifying the Enemy: what is cellulite?

It is a cosmetic condition where the skin becomes dimpled due to the fat forming and “bulging” near the skin surface. Cellulite rarely occurs in males, mostly we, women, are blessed with this condition. In fact it is very common and as many as 90% of women develop cellulite after their puberty!

Focus On The Problem: Cellulite Causes

Causes of cellulite are not completely clear. It definitely has something to do with hormones, genes and metabolism. Estrogen seems to be the “culprit” initiating and aggravating cellulite.

Here comes sort of good news: diet doesn’t seem to have any influence on developing cellulite. Anybody can have this problem: thin, medium and heavy gals, all can get cottage cheese skin. Such factors as lymphatic and circulatory insufficiency, distribution of fat and some other factors out of our controll, such as race for example, are linked to development of cellulite.

Coming soon: Pull Out The Weapon: Cellulite Treatments!


ZFrancis said...

Cellulite - The cottage cheese killer. An unfortunate circumstance, for sure, but not the end of the world. I look forward to the follow up post!

Georgianna said...

two skin problems i'm frightened of acquiring are: (1)cellulites and (2)stretch marks...

i like your blog, by the way! it's very informative!

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