Monday, March 22, 2010

Beauty Talk: Cellulite Treatments

Before reading this post you may want to read about cellulite and its causes in my previous post. So now let's bring out the weapon! What Cellulite Treatments are out there to help us?

The bad news is that some dermatologists say that there is no treatment for cellulite. Ok... ok! You cannot treat it completely but you can at least improve condition and the overall look of your skin. Let’s see how we can get those thighs smooth!

Topical Treatments:

* Retinol: retinol containing creams stimulate collagen and strengthens skin so that cellulite is much less apparent.

* Caffeine: helps to temporarily smooth skin by reducing water retention. Cellulite patches with caffeine are great! Tried myself and can recommend. I liked Nivea's Good-Bye Cellulite Patches. The effect on my lower stomach was as if I lost some weight overnight.

* Heat and Hydration: Take a hot bath with hydrating oils: heat increases blood flow and hydration plumps up skin so it looks smoother.

* Exfoliation: Exfoliation not only gets rid of dry skin and stimulates circulation, it also improves penetration of topical anti-cellulite treatments.

Deep Massage: Massage stimulates blood flow to the skin surface and lymph circulation, this again improves the overall condition of your skin, helps it to detoxify and makes it healthier and smoother. The same effect can be achieved with Endermology – a machine that rolls and sucks skin.

To be continued...


lovelyviolet5 said...

Love your post!!!

Jessica said...

I have to paraphrase what The Derm Doc, Jeff Benabio said last night on Twitter: 98% of women have cellulite. Why "fix" something that is actually our normal state of being?

Interesting point he makes...if everyone has it, why do we see it as bad, or ugly, instead of just...there?

Josie said...

I have an award I’d like to give to you! Check it out at my blog –

Thanks for the great blog and enjoy the award!

Amanda said...

@ Jessica...I love that statement. That is so true.

Galina said...

@ Jessica I was thinking about this statement: why are we trying to fix something that is actually normal... hmmm... I think smooth skin is associated with healthy and young body... so that's why cellulite is not accepted as a beauty norm and that's why we are all stuck fighting it... well... I think it is not right to go to extremes and obsess about it. I am doing my best to take good care of my body skin, keep to a healthy lifestyle/diet and exercise.

Dana said...

Has anyone ever used the galvanic spa on cellulite? Though it is usually performed for facials (and is amazing!) I have noticed an improvement with cellulite on my arms and thighs by using the body contouring gel.
I definitely agree with the healthy lifestyle and that genetics plays a role in the way we age, but if there are little things we can do to make us feel great "in our skin" it's not a bad thing :)

Galina said...

Hi Dana!

Thanks for the comment!

Have not used galvanic spa yet... but heard a lot of good stuff about it. Let us know if it works if you ever try it against cellulite!

El Bilson said...

Just in time for summer! Thanks for sharing :)

cellulite cream review said...

Reducing cellulite never have to create a hole in one's pocket. There are various cellulite creams available to help reduce the appearance of cellulite at low cost. Apart from that, one also needs to have healthy lifestyle (exercise, diet,etc.) for more successful result. ;)

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