Saturday, January 30, 2010

Beauty Review: Clarins Advanced Extra-Firming Neck Cream

helps firm and smooth away lines and wrinkles as it immediately "lifts".

Product Profile in Short:
The ultimate firming neck treatment that enhances skin's youthful-looking appearance for women over 40. The feather-light, silky texture disappears into the skin instantly.

- Stimulen®: reinforces skin's "guardian cells" which helps preserve skin's firmness and tone longer.
- Plum extract: delivers an immediate "lifting" and softening action.
Sunflower, Bocoa and Anthyllis: help smooth away fine lines and tighten skin.

(Don’t you just love how manufacturers create these cute scientific sounding names like “Stimulen” :-))

Close-up on Active Ingredients:
Cyclomethicone – derived from silicone, emollient
Cetearyl Isononanoate - emollient
Cetearyl Alcohol – emulsiifyer and stabilizer
Dipropylene Glycol – Masking, Viscosity controlling
Cetearyl Ethyhexanoate - emollient
C14-22 Alcohols
Cetearyl Glucoside – skin-friendly emulsifier
Butylene Glycol- humectant
Phenoxyethanol - preservative
C12-20 Alkyl Glucoside – emulsifying agent
Glycerin - humectant
Sodium PCA
Tocopheril Acetate
Prunus Domestica SeedCake Extract
Disodium EDTA
Anthyllis Vulneraria Flower Extract
Sunflower Extract
Bocoa Prouacensis Extract

Sorry I did not have the time to write details about each ingredient but at least we can see what is of the highest concentration. It is great to see all the emollients and humectants at the top of the list but I was hoping to see some of the key ingredients such as plum and sunflower extracts etc.

Texture: very rich texture but not too oily
Smell: medium intense sweet fragrance

At first when I just started using Clarins Neck Cream I got obvious allergic reaction. My eyes were irritated and itchy. I was soooo upset! The price was tooo high to just give it away to somebody. So I persisted even though it felt pretty uncomfortable. To my great surprise, this reaction went away in about a week or so. Either my body got used to it or I got used to the irritation in my eyes :-) who knows…

I liked the texture. It feels very rich but not too oily. You don’t need much to cover the area of the neck and décolleté. It spreads and absorbs nicely and immediately makes skin look smooth.

Results: My observation is that neck creams very seldom give much result. It is pretty hard to do much to wrinkles or lines developing in this area. However with this cream, after a month of use I could see definite positive results. I don’t have wrinkles or sagging. I have these strange lines starting on the sholder and going over décolleté. These lines did not disappear but started to look much smoother. By the end of the month they seemed not so noticeable with the whole décolleté and neck area being smooth and firmed.

Price Tag:

Bottom Line:
I would definitely come back to this product in about 5-7 years. I am a bit afraid of the reaction though as It was pretty strong and the price is VERY high to take a risk. Maybe I will ask for a sample first.


blogging-shopping said...

Nice article and ur blog is providing niche information..

Saarah | said...

Thanks for this great post. Clarins is on our list for review at the moment so it was nice to read your own review of it.

Great blog!


MySkinConcierge said...

Clarins is always a sure thing. I love their products and they are always approved by the Cancer Society if they contain sunscreen.

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