Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beauty Tip: Get Break-Outs Under Control

Those nasty red pimples always appear just before a party or a date… Or worse: they just constantly seem to be there. You think you finally are about to concur them but here they are popping up in just another spot. Oh, don’t you hate them? Today I am going to share my personal experience with break outs. I have a couple tips that worked for me and that, hopefully, you may find useful. So here is how I got acne under control!

I had a bad problem with break outs as teenager and in my twenties. First thing that really improved the situation was finding the right cleanser! Your cleansing product is extremely important for the health if your skin. It has to be JUST the right intensity. Too strong and it will be stripping and will cause more acne, too weak and it won’t cleanse skin enough to keep pores clean and free from acne-causing bacteria. Many people with break outs make one similar mistake – they overcleanse and over peel their skin. I did the same before I found my perfect cleanser! I am using Estee Lauder Verite Cleanser and I love it.

Second step that made a DRAMATIC change was using paper towels or Klenex instead of a regular towel to dry my face. Surprised? I came across a tip from a dermatologist for those suffering from acne to change a towel every 2-3 days. So I decided it would be even better to use something single use to dry my face. And the difference it made was really amazing!

Another tip in line with the one above is please, do keep your hands off your face! If you pick on pimples you will just spread bacteria to other areas of your face. Very often people subconsciously keep touching a red spot that is bothering them with their hands. Be aware of this habit and stop it.

And finally find the moisturizer that works for you. Non-comedogenic is the key feature. It should be light but at the same time nurturing to your skin.

So here it is in a nutshell. I list the tips in the order of a difference they made for my skin:
1.Find the cleanser PERFECT for your skin. Do not overcleanse
2.Use single use towels to dry your face or use Klenex
3.Keep hands away from your face
4.Find the PERFECT moisturizer


mineral foundation said...

Pimples are a huge it is essential to use the right skin products to soak up all the oil of the face and also eat the correct food.

Anonymous said...

I use CarePlus Corrective Acne products as recommended by my Dermatologist. My acne is totally under control and I'm just waiting until I "out grow" this problem. Anyway, I previously tried 8 - 10 other over the counter acne products and CarePlus was the product line that worked for me. Good luck everyone - acne is aweful! Mary

Jane Dawson said...

I agree with the four steps you've mentioned and people should know that finding the perfect cream is not as difficult as it seems. You just have to get informed.

CleanSkin said...

Acne and pimples are more than skin deep. The problem has to be treated internally with diet, stress free or less stressful life style and adequate rest.

Tracey said...

I tend to use Dermalogica dermal clay cleanser. I have sensitive,oily breakout prone skin and this is a must have product, keeps oil and breakouts under control but is still gentle and doesn't over dry my skin, I also use as a mask once a week and still lasts at least 6 months. Have tried many different products but this is by far the best cleanser and actually does what it claims to do!

Galina said...

Hi Tracey!

Thanks for sharing. I am using 2 clay based products - one is a dead sea mask and the other ointment by Payot. Both work very good to controll and treat break outs. So I can imagine dermalogica clay cleanser could be effective as well!

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