Friday, January 1, 2010

My New Year Beauty Resolutions!

1. Get regular facials – This has been my dream for a long time and I would never be able to do this: either could not afford the money or the time. But now I am 30 for God’s sake! Time has come! (…Regular professional facials can really benefit your skin – you can never do a facial at home as well as an expert can…)
2. Start using SPF regularly… again! – Time for a confession: I stopped being careful about wearing SPF with the birth of my little one. I am always on the run, so I just forget or am too much in a hurry to take a sec and apply that sun protection. Have to get back on track here :-)
3. Eat less sweets – Oh my, that would be the toughest one to go through with. I have a sweet tooth!
4. Drink more water – drinking lots and lots of water used to be my best beauty habit alongside with applying SPF. I am not kidding, I used to drink liters of water in the course of a day. Then it suddenly changed and got much worse when I became a Mom. Now I often don’t even have time to think about drinking a glass of water. This has to change again for the sake of healthy skin!
5. Eat less meat – I used to prefer fish and veggies over meat. But again with the pregnancy and birth of my DS, this changed and now I eat meat every day. Which is not so good for my skin and my body on the whole. More greens for me in 2010!
6. Learn something new about Beauty... I feel I should learn more about makeup application. I just never had the time to do it. Will I manage this year? I hope so…
7. Try something new in Beauty Blogging – Am thinking about trying video reviews on YouTube!

So these are my 7 beauty resolutions for New Year 2010... 7 is my favorite number - hopefully it will bring luck and help make everyting listed above come true!



Oh please, you can never, ever, forget your SPF, I never step outside without mine, even on a cloudy day, since the ultraviolet rays are still there. It definitely prevents aging faster. Drink lots and lots of water always, and, when it comes to the skin(particularly the face), it is always important to visit a dermatologist. I am simply obsessed with my skin...... XOXO from Brazil :)

Anonymous said...

1 - Try HydraFacial - I started getting them once a week and I'm in love!

2 - When you find an SPF that isn't sticky and gross... please let us know!!

3 - Good luck - I need my sweets ;]

4 - So true!

5 - I didn't know that meat had any effect on my skin!! maybe that is y I still get acne?!?!

6 - Practice makes perfect

7 - That sounds really cool!! post your links here so we can watch!!

Happy New Year!

BeautyTalk said...

Hey! Thanks for a nice comment! I am doing very badly on the 3rd resolution :-( And as far as meat goes, I read a long time ago that red meat is believed to create free radicals in our body... and I have just come accross mention of the same fact in a magazine - I think, it was Marie Claire

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