Friday, February 5, 2010

My Dramatic Hair Transformation

I am the type of a girl who doesn’t usually like to experiment with her hair… so I have been long haired blond for over a decade… till I got pregnant.

This is how my hair looked in summer 2008

Originally I have dark hair and had to do the roots every month at least. However after doing some research online about dying hair while pregnant I wondered if this was safe for the fetus… My husband insisted I give up on being a blond :-) So I let my roots grow a bit and got a very short haircut. That was a huge step to cut my decade long hair… A young sweet hairdresser could not believe I was actually going to do it. She did her best to talk me out of it. Funny but I always get a reaction like this from hairdressers… But I was determined. I actually was happy I had a reason to finally make a dramatic change! Even though I “chose” a hairdresser without any recommendation, she did a brilliant job. My husband still doesn’t believe that I didn’t do highlights then, so stylish my cut looked!
My dramatic hair cut!

I actually liked how I looked with short hair a lot. I liked it so much that when my friends would see me short-haired for the first time and their eyes would go HUGE and mouth drop, I couldn’t understand why- I would turn around to see what got them so shocked and then realize it was ME! I got used to my new look from the very first minute, it just felt so right, that I sort of forgot how big of a change that was for me.
Another bonus of my newly acquired hairstyle was much lower maintenance requirements. I was amazed at how fast I was in and out of a shower – washing and drying it took almost not time! Oh and if I forgot my brush at home, no problem, just fluff it up and straighten with my hands :-) As for my husband… he at first seemed to genuinely like my hair but then one day I got suspicious: What do you think about growing your hair back again? - He said looking at our photo together on holiday in Greece. Hmmmm… that will take another decade, Darling!

That's me "inbetween" hairstyles :-)

Slowly slowly my hair took a shape of a bob… and then I added lots of highlights…

That's how I look now

Highlights are better seen in this photo

So now I have a dilemma – should I grow my hair again or keep changing short hairstyles?? I did like the glamour and femininity of the long hair. But I do like how the short hair shows off my neck and makes me look younger. ;-) If you know what I mean!


Anonymous said...

Oh what beautiful hair you had! I pop in and out of your blog and always enjoy what I see.
The reason I love your hair long is because in my late twenties, my hair started to thin out and it has been that way ever since. I now keep it short and I do miss the days when I had long wavy locks. I long for them so much that I am considering getting a wig, just to feel feminine again. However, I must say that you do look beautiful with your short bob too.

BeautyTalk said...

Hi! Thanks for your nice comment! With hair it seems that we often want what we don't have... if we have straight hair, we want curls, if we have short hair, we dream of long, if it's blond, we want it dark :-) lol... so actually I am leaning towards growing it - but oh my God, it will take so long!!! As for thin hair, have you looked into hair extensions?

Ines said...

Oh, that is a problem once you cut your long hair. I did the same some years ago and I still haven't managed to grow it back - every time I decide I will go back to my wonderful long hair, I start growing it and then decide I can't wait for it, I prefer shorter and cut it again.
If you do decide, I wonder how it will work for you.
Btw, I just feel great now with short hair (I even cut it really boy short this summer). If one thing is sure - it will grow back. :)

BeautyTalk said...

Hi Ines!
I know! It's really hard to wait for it to grow and there is also this stage of "inbetween"... when your hair just doesn't have any style at all... and then you decide to just cut it a little bit to give it a "shape"... and what happens? You come home with another short hair cut! The only way to grow it is not to go to hairdresser's for a loooong time! Damn... I am thinking to to try stay away from those people with scissors till at least May! lol!

Rebecca Keith said...

wonderful post about hair style transformation, I definitely want to read some bit more next time.

BeautyTalk said...

Hi Rebecca!
Lol! Hopefully my hair transformation will never get to the point when I need to use products from your website!

Georgianna said...

wow! what a transformation! you look "cool" in your short. you look "hot" in your long hair.

nice blog you have here!

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