Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beauty Shopping: Anti-Cellulite Solution, New Discovery for Under Eye Circles

Today I had a rare chance to do some beauty shopping! So what was on my shopping list… I needed to restock on Estee Lauder Stress Relief Eye Mask. Nowadays, with a baby I need lots of stress relief solutions! Seriously, skin and especially skin around the eyes suffer most because of those sleepless nights. I still need to review those masks. They are great! I also decided to try out one of the products for body that came out this summer. I was choosing between Dior’s Svelte Reversal Body Contouring and Firming Concentrate and Clarins Lift-Minceur High Definition Body Lift.

I went for Clarins’ product for several reasons: like the ad :-) (who doesn’t want to have such a butt!), like the description better and the price, even though not a priority in this particular case, also played its role. And finally I also like that High Definition Body Lift had caffeine at the very beginning of ingredient list and had a very light texture.

I also planned to buy YSL Touche Eclat. Mine is already more than a year old and you are supposed to use it for only half a year! Sales girl suggested I try La Prairie Brightening Eye Treatment. I was like: C'mon what can be better than YSL Touche Eclat?? But of course I was curious to test it.

It comes just like YSL's concealer in a pen package with a brush. And I have to say I was VERY impressed. It sort of melted into my skin. It does provide coverage (medium), but does not crease or get into the lines. Excellent! The sales girl also kept saying that they have a package with a refil which in the end is a better price than YSL Touche Eclat. I decided to wear it for a while to test for allergic reaction and if everything is fine, get it next time I'm downtown.


Emily said...

sweet...i need that concealer, im trying to find this perfect concealer for my hereditary dark circles

My Fashion Frenzy said...

I always learn something new at Skin Care and Beauty. Keep up the fabulous work :)

Jessica Allison said...

I used to wear the old Dior Svelte mist when I was a teenager- does the firming lotion have the same crisp scent? Yummy!

BeautyTalk said...

Try YSL or the one i discovered from La Prairie. Both are pricey but are worth it.
@My Fashion Frenzy
Thanks! Love your blog as well!
I was not aware of Dior Svelte fragrance. Dior has a line of 3 svelte products - all for body... and as i remember the firming concentrate did have a fresh crisp smell... said...

Firming lotions and cellulite reducers seem to be hit or miss. It's great when you find one that really seems to help, so then you can rock those hott summer bikinis you've been waiting all year to wear!

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