Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beauty Talk: Stretch marks

Stretch mark is kind of a scar. It is formed through tearing of the dermis. Most of us have some kind of stretch marks, either from spurts of growth in puberty, gaining and losing weight, or pregnancy.

How do they happen? Experts say that stretch marks are actually caused not only by physical stretching of the skin but also by hormonal changes in the body. Stretch marks happen as deep as the dermis, the middle layer of the skin. They are caused by glucocorticoid hormones that disrupt normal way of forming of collagen and elastin resulting in less flexible skin and subsequently in dermal and epidermal tearing

Where do they happen?
Common places for stretch marks to occur include:
upper arms

Is it possible to prevent stretch marks? There is no enough scientific evidence in support of the fact that creams and lotions help to prevent streetch marks. However there are reassuring results in some studies that show that during pregnancy, for example, fewer streetch marks occur if you use a treatment versus no treatment at all.

To prevent stretchmakrs apply specially developed products that mosturize skin, make it more elastic and contain such ingredients for example as cocoa butter and Vitamin E. Some examples of such products include:
Carol’s Daughter Sexy Belly
Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter
Clarins Stretch Mark Control
Revitol Stretch Mark Cream
Decleor Perfect Sculpt Stretch Mark Restructuring Gel-Cream
RoC Maternity Anti-Stretch Mark Oil
Vichy Complete Action Anti-Stretch Mark Cream

Already have stretch marks and want to know how you can treat them? Read about various treatments available in my next post. In my future posts I will aslo share my personal experience with stretch marks during pregnancy.


Emily said...


Joy said...

I heard that exfoliating treatments may help!

BeautyTalk said...

@Joy Since stretch mark occurs as deep as dermis, exfoliation may help to make stretch mark appear less obvious but will never completely remove it...

Adrienne said...

I've heard over and over again on other blogs that Trilastin works the best for stretch marks. Is that true? I don't know if other blogs are being paid to say that, or if the product actually works and why?? Any thoughts??

BeautyTalk said...

@Adrienne Haven't heard about Trilastin. When I was looking for a product to treat stretch marks after pregnancy, I read good reviews about Striae Stretch Mark Cream. So I got it in advance before I gave birth... However, didnt have to use it as luckily I have no stretch marks!

Adrienne said...

I've never head of Striae Stretch Mark Cream. I might look around and give it a try!

Anonymous said...

Study or no study, I'm a firm believer that a pre-emptive treatment can help prevent stretch marks.

During my adolescence I put on weight quite quickly and ended up with serious stretch marks all over my thighs and hips. It is hereditary - my mom and 4 sisters have the same. The difference between them and me, however,
is that I don't have any stretchmarks on my belly after having children, and there's a reason for this.

Both times I was pregant my stomach got huge. I applied Alchemilla's Aromatic Pregnancy Belly Rub to my belly and sides every day, really massaging it in and almost feeling my skin cells drink it up.

As a result, I didn't get a single stretch mark on my belly (I have photos to prove it) - I did, however get some on my breasts and upper buttocks - where I didn't apply the oil.

The evidence is clear to me that it definitely makes a difference. Applying some kind of belly rub works.


BeautyTalk said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment! In my case my efforts really paid off... and even though I read on forums and such that other people applied cream regularly and still got stretch marks, I think it's better to try and make an effort than do nothing and blame everyting on genes :-)

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