Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beauty Review: Guerlain Meteorites Powder Pink Fresh

The powder box is made of cardboard which disappointed me at first. From the photos I saw online I was under impression the package will be incredibly beautiful – a combination of plastic or metal) with glass decorations. Well, it’s just carton. The only consolation is that it was inspired by Marie Antoinette and that such packaging is actually more eco friendly.

Pink Fresh
It includes pearls of peach, light pink, dark pink (close to lavender), beige, gold, colors

Meteorites Powder has quite strong sweet scent which most people like but not me. The good news (for me) is that it wears off almost immediately.

Stay-on Power:
It seems to last forever!

Texture and Finish:
Meteorites Powder comes in little multi-colored balls and is something between loose and pressed powder…
Gives glowy somewhat shimmery finish with a touch of color. The effect is buildable.

I’ve been dreaming about this product for a long time and had to go through the agony of choice about the shade (read my Beauty Buy post) before I finally got it. It is one of the best investments in makeup I’ve made.

This magnificent powder makes your skin look glowing. It reflects and attracts light to the skin and makes it look simply gorgeous: supple, smooth, healthy and glowing.

Meteorites Powder comes with a puffy sponge which I don’t recommend to use. Not only it is inconvenient, the effect is worse and not so natural. I use my fluffy powder brush to apply Meteorites Powder. I just swirl the brush around the box and let it pick up enough powder. Be careful powder balls tend to stuck on brush bristles occasionally. Then I swipe it lightly all over my face. It has to be mentioned that from the very beginning I was concerned that Meteorites could be too shimmery for an all-over-face powder. However what I discovered after I played with it a couple times is that the effect of the glow is buildable. So if you give your face one or maximum two light swipes with your powder brush, it looks natural. However if you apply more, you will start seeing some color and more shimmer. That’s why I apply it once all over face and then several times on the apples of my cheeks and a finishing touch on the nose bridge. So Meteorites Powder in Pink Fresh can be used as a blush and believe me you do see the color. Some people when reviewing Meteorites say that Pink Fresh leaves almost no color on the skin, it is not completely true. I think it depends on your skin tone if the color is noticeable or not.

I also read in one of the reviews that Meteorites powder is good to use under your eyes to set the concealer. I tried it and think it looks good! Draws some light to the area.

Bottom Line:
Love the product. It is excellent quality, very versatile and allows to perfect the look of your skin. I would not recommend Meteorites Powder instead of a foundation or pressed powder as it is not made for covering skin flaws. But I would definitely recommend it to take your skin look to another level.

Price Tag:

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Catanya said...

Wow, they look so beautiful! The cardboard container dissapoints me too.

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